Studio Visit #16: Make a Collage Paper Palette
Not Quite Lady Gaga - Also Drawing is a Foundational Skill for ALL Artists

The Summer House Painting

Back in February, I created this mixed media collage piece:

It was meant to be part of my ongoing series of work about my experience of motherhood.  The series features vessels (bowls, vases, cups, etc.) and plants in various stages of bloom.  I showed it to my Mom and she was insistent that it was a house with a staircase and somehow, that bugged me.

I lived with it for a few weeks, but it kept bugging me.  So, I painted a new painting on top of it.

This version of the mixed media collage is more flat and contained.

Where the first piece was exuberant and wild, the second is more polished and contained.

What do you think?  Which version of this artwork speaks to you?

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