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Printmaker's Party 2023 Recap

Around Here: August 2023

August is feeling a bit like the start of Fall around here. The weather has cooled and Steve is starting to pull the Halloween decorations out of the basement, despite my protests of "too soon!"  

Family News

This month has been a doozy.  Steve and our three-year-old both got COVID while I was in Los Angeles at the beginning of the month.  Then our son's preschool flooded -- multiple times -- due to all the rain we've been having.  The kids all had to get moved to another school while remediation work happened. Last week we discovered that our son has an antibiotic intolerance/allergy, which was scary.  We have a family of raccoons living in our house and critter control has thus far removed SEVEN raccoons and a skunk.  We're told there are likely more raccoons because all of the ones they caught are juveniles.  Add in a visit to the ER for Steve, a dead bug in my son's eye, and a new dog on our block that barks all day long...I've had better Augusts.

Nonetheless, I'm still pretty sure that I'm the luckiest girl in the world because this guy...

...makes me laugh and feel special every day.  And this guy...

...delights me with his observations and enthusiasm.  And this lady...

...listens to all my complaints.  So I'm going to say that while it has been a more-stressful-than-usual month, the company has been fantastic!

Work News

The Watertown Arts Market was great!  I sold tons of work and got sooooo many compliments on my artwork.  It felt great.  This short video shows off my booth:

I feel like I can really see the progress in my work and that's exciting!

A Recommendation

I have read more than 60 books since January.  I think that's more than I read in the past five years combined.  The change I made was not one of time management.  For years I've been reading either physical books or books on my Kindle.  This January, I converted over to reading books on my phone.  This change means that I always have a book with me.  Waiting for the air fryer?  I open up the book instead of opening social media.  Standing in line?  No problem.  I have a book in my back pocket.

I still read physical books.  And I still read on my Kindle. But I don't tend to carry a purse these days, so those books and my Kindle live by my bedside.  My phone, however, is usually always tucked into my pocket.

So now the recommendations.  I do use the Kindle app, but two other phone apps I like are library apps (free books - yay): Libby and Hoopla

I like Hoopla slightly better because I think the selection is slightly better.  There always seems to be a wait list for books on the Libby app.  Anyway, I hope you'll check them out!

So, that's the scoop on life around here at the moment.  If you're a Monthly Member, both the August personal vlog and studio vlogs are up in the classroom.  So far the comments on the vlog about haircut pricing has me thinking that I'm waaaaaaay overpaying! 😬

Thanks for stopping by! 


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