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Studio Visit #19: My Color Rolodex

For years and years, I swatched paint in notebooks or loose sheets and then I decided to make it all a bit easier and more organized. This is my color rolodex:

Watch the video to learn all about it:

As I mentioned in the video, three things I love about my rolodex system:

  1. It's easy to add and remove cards.
  2. I can easily compare colors across brands, or simply to compare.
  3. It's simple to create a color palette.  I simply pull cards and put the palette together.  No guessing.

THIS is the rolodex that I own.  I use the regular rolodex cards for my swatching.  It's awesome.  I believe that there's a Member Livestream that covers the rolodex a bit more in depth.

Thanks for stopping by!


PS: Book Club is today!