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Made Remarkable Podcast

I'm so pleased to share that I was the guest on Kellee Wynne's most recent episode of the Made Remarkable Podcast

You can listen to our conversation below:

This is what Kellee wrote about our conversation:

Julie shows us that achieving greatness in both art and motherhood is possible through love, perseverance, and a dash of humor. She shares her insights on the importance of passive income and the need for alternative revenue streams for solopreneurs. From royalties to affiliate fees, and teaching fees to artwork sales, Julie delves into the various avenues she has explored to support her business financially.

But it's not all about the money. Julie also dives deep into her creative process, emphasizing the significance of mastering design principles and elements. She draws parallels to athletes and their focus on the process rather than solely fixating on the end result...Julie reflects on the joys and challenges of balancing motherhood with entrepreneurship, providing a refreshing perspective on the realities of juggling these roles.

From unlikely beginnings to building an artistic empire, Julie reminds us that with a little serendipity and a lot of determination, dreams can become remarkable realities.

I hope you enjoy the conversation!