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Why is Creative Block?

At first glance, you may think that the title of this post, "Why is Creative Block," is either a grammatical error or an unfinished sentence. 

But perhaps it's simply a new and different way of looking at the same old problem.

I'm sure you know what creative block is.  It's possible that you also know yourself well enough to know why creative block happens to you.  And you might have developed some solid strategies for breaking through creative block, such as:

  • Look for inspiration:
    • Watch YouTube videos for inspiration.
    • Look at art technique books.
    • Search Pinterest.
    • Look at blogs.
    • Take a class.
    • Look at random images, books, or magazines and jot notes.
    • Try a challenge.
    • Visit a museum or gallery.
  • Play:
    • Draw circles over and over again until a page is filled.
    • Spread paint on paper with no expectations.
    • Take a small piece of paper and play with stamping or in a small space.
    • Try a different medium.
    • Try new ways to paint.
    • Make a mess.
  • Do something else:
    • Read
    • Walk
    • Organize supplies
    • Clean
    • Swim
    • Explore outdoors
    • Go to the library or bookstore
    • Talk with friends
    • Eat
    • Try Chocolate & Netflix

The secret to every single one of these strategies is doing something new -- allowing for a new input.  My oddly constructed blog post title is the same kind of new.  It's just odd enough to catch your attention and hopefully get you thinking differently.

If the question is, "Why is creative block?"  My answer is, "Because I'm doing the same thing over and over again."

I'll leave you with something Marguerite wrote on my facebook page back in 2019, and I've kept in mind ever since then:

Personally, I have definitely come to see creative block as an opportunity to try something new.  I hope you can too!

Thanks for stopping by!