Studio Snippet #32: Cutting Up & Reassembling
Happy Thanksgiving!

Art Supplies for Painters

Hello!  I've put together a 4-part series on some of my favorite art supplies, divided by discipline:

  1. Art Supplies for Painters
  2. Art Supplies for Printmakers
  3. Art Supplies for Art Journalers
  4. Art Supplies for Collage Artists

Obviously, there's some overlap in there, but I hope you'll find it useful.  Today I'm sharing items from the first list -- my favorite art supplies to use when I'm painting!

Golden Acrylic Paints will always be my #1 pick for acrylic paint.  They're incredibly versatile with lots of different choices in viscosity.  For paintings, I primarily use:

When possible, I like to buy the heavy body acrylics in the jars because I find the tubes fiddly.  The jars are both more expensive (because they contain more paint) and take up more room, but they're a better value in the long run.

If you do get tubes, then be sure to buy a Golden Gripper.  It eliminates the frustration of opening paint tubes.

Mine hangs on my paint cart so that it's always easy to find and use.

If you're looking for a great introductory Golden Paints kit, I highly recommend the Golden A-Z Acrylic Paint Set

Screenshot 2023-11-21 at 17-27-55 Golden A-Z Acrylic Paint Sets BLICK Art Materials
It's a sampler pack and includes a selection of Golden Heavy Body Acrylics, Fluid Acrylics, Open Acrylics, and High Flow Acrylics, as well as pastes, gels, and mediums. Plus there's an included instruction guide!

The Tri-Art Non-Stick Palette is my go-to when painting large. 

I have the 16x24 and it's so lovely to work with a really large palette.  It makes mixing custom colors a breeze.

For brushes, I love a pack of cheap brushes that still get the job done and the Blick Essentials White Nylon Brush sets are a favorite in the cheap-but-quality category.

I use and abuse mine and they're still in great shape.

If you're willing to spend more money, I will always enthusiastically recommend Princeton Catalyst Polytip Brushes

They take a beating and keep on kicking.  Many of mine are more than a decade old and still as good as new. (And I am not kind to brushes, so that's amazing.)  I like both the long and short handled brushes.

Paint pucks are an often overlooked supply. 

You slip them into your water jar and they make cleaning your brushes a much easier process.  I'm all for things that are easy!

And finally, the secret to resuscitating a paintbrush that has become as hard as a rock: Murphy's Oil Soap.

At all times, there is a yogurt container next to my sink that is filled with a mixture of Murphy's Oil Soap and water.  I leave my dried hard brushes in the mixture overnight and in the morning, they're soft and pliable.  It's magic!

Use the comments to let me know your favorite supplies for painting.  I'm always interested to hear what other people love to use!

Thanks for stopping by!