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Studio Snippet #30: Scrap Packs

Hey friends! Today I thought we'd chat a bit about scrap packs and how they can be a help in your art practice. I make scrap packs about 4 times a year -- usually when my collage paper has gotten out of control. But, more than just a way to declutter, scrap packs can significantly boost your creativity.

What Are Scrap Packs?

Scrap packs are bundles of various collage papers. These papers can be of different types, including book pages, tissue paper, deli paper, and more. The beauty of scrap packs lies in their diversity; they bring together a mix of colors, patterns, and textures, opening up endless possibilities for artists.  There's more in the video:

How to Create Your Own Scrap Packs:

  1. Gather a Variety of Papers: Begin by collecting the different types of paper that you commonly use in your artwork. This could include old book pages, tissue paper, and any other paper materials that you regularly use. The key here is diversity.
  2. Mix Warm and Cool Colors: Ensure your scrap pack contains a balance of warm and cool colors. This variety allows you to experiment with contrasting color schemes, adding depth to your work.
  3. Incorporate a Range of Values: To create visual interest, include papers with a range of values. From light to dark, these papers provide the structure for your artwork.
  4. Combine Patterns and Plain Papers: Mix papers with intense patterns and more basic ones. 

One of the most remarkable benefits of working with scrap packs is their ability to stimulate creativity. By using these pre-assembled collections of papers, you'll find yourself working with constraints that can lead to unique artistic outcomes, pushing you out of your comfort zone and inspiring fresh ideas.


Thanks for reading, and happy art-making!