365 Day Photo Challenge

How About a Year-Long Project?

This is a post I wrote for the Label Tulip blog, but I thought I'd post if over here in case anyone was interested in trying out a year-long project. I do mention my Project Fifty-Two at the end, but there are a million other great ideas out there! As we creep towards 2009, you might be thinking that now is the good time to get involved in a year-long crafty project. I have to agree. Here are some ideas that might interest you... Project 365: A Photo a Day As the title suggests, the goal is to take a... Read more →

Curtains, Good News, and a Promise

Three things to share today.... CURTAINS My brother is a very hip, very trendy guy. He lives in L.A. and wanted some funky, retro curtains for his place. He lives in a little bungalow - the entire building is his tiny one-bedroom apartment. He also wanted the curtains to block out the light as much as humanly possible. So, this is what I made him: Many months ago, I bought that gorgeous Japanese fabric at my favorite quilt store in NYC, and have been hoarding it for something that I knew would come up. I didn't have quite enough to... Read more →


Here are the other two projects for this month at Just Let Me Scrapbook... I am so desperately in love with American Crafts at this point. I love these stickers and the Slick Writer is amazing! It really works! The journaling on the layout was done with a Slick Writer on top of the sticker. It's amazing! I know that I already said that, but it dries immediately! I highly recommend it! I know that MaryBeth has some of them in stock at JLMS. And I believe the 30% off sale is still on! Be sure to tell them Julie... Read more →


Quilt-As-You-Go is a wildly popular quilting technique these days. As you might suspect from the title, it allows you to quilt as you piece, rather than piecing the entire quilt and then quilting it. It is a time saver and for someone like me, with a tiny space, it helps me get the bigger quilts done. I belong to an online art quilt discussion group and someone posted a question about how to enlarge an already completed quilt, binding already on and such. I haven't done it, but I suggested using Quilt-As-You-Go because I figured it would be seamless. So,... Read more →


Three things to share today: 1. December 21st layout for my "25 Days Until Christmas" album. Do you have a family get-together during the holidays with extended family? 2. I'm planning on doing the 365 day photo challenge in 2008. I'm always complaining that I don't have any photos. Well, this should fix that. The assignment is to take one photo every day for a year. From Photojojo: People will often say that their whole lives flashed before their eyes after they experienced a traumatic event. Perhaps it’s a bit morbid, but we think that sounds pretty incredible. When Taylor... Read more →