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Hello friends! It has turned mighty cold around here. My Mom is convinced that it's going to be a brutal winter because the squirrels are super fat this year. I also saw a video online from a beekeeper that said the bees are really packing away the honey and so we should all prepare for a long cold winter. I wonder if the animals are two steps ahead of us? In the meantime, here's the news from around here: Family News We have three November birthdays in this family. One Scorpio and two Sagittarians (I had to actually look up... Read more →

Happy October! We have had some wild weather around here with a few days in the 70s and 80s. But Boston has come back to its senses and it's rainy and cold again. Family News Today is my 1st wedding anniversary! In all the best ways, it feels like Steve and I have been married forever. I am so grateful to have found a second chance at love with such a sweet and kind partner. Work News I'm currently participating in a critique group run by the Cambridge Art Association. I'm doing my best to take advantage of the situation... Read more →

September is definitely starting to feel like Fall. We had some scorchers at the beginning of the month, but the evenings are turning cool and we're enjoying the change of seasons...and welcoming Halloween with open arms. Family News The decorations are up. His costume has been ordered and hemmed. The pumpkin is carved. Now we just have to wait a month for the trick-or-treaters to show up. Work News This month has felt very much back-to-school for me. I've been teaching a lot, with three in-person classes, a new online class, and a new live online class, plus all the... Read more →

August is feeling a bit like the start of Fall around here. The weather has cooled and Steve is starting to pull the Halloween decorations out of the basement, despite my protests of "too soon!" Family News This month has been a doozy. Steve and our three-year-old both got COVID while I was in Los Angeles at the beginning of the month. Then our son's preschool flooded -- multiple times -- due to all the rain we've been having. The kids all had to get moved to another school while remediation work happened. Last week we discovered that our son... Read more →

July has been hot. But you know that already. It's so hot. But also so wet. A dynamic combination, especially with a little boy who fears no weather and only wants to be outside all day every day. Good times. 😂 Notable Family Event We went to Santa's Village in New Hampshire. In the rain. You can see much of our visit in this month's Member Vlog, as well as our visit to nearby Storyland. Notable Personal Event I have started going for a quick walk by myself at lunch time every day and I love it. I come home... Read more →

June has disappeared extremely quickly. Where does the time go?! Notable Family Event We went to Vermont! To the Shelburne Museum. I need to write a long blog post about it with lots of photos. In the meantime, you can see much of our visit in this month's Member Vlog. Notable Personal Event I really struggled to come up with something to put here. I've written and re-written this paragraph five times. The fact is, I've managed to get myself a little bit lost in a mixture of motherhood and working. When I was trying to think about anything notable... Read more →

May has been a notable month. Let's talk about it: Notable Family Event We took, not one, but TWO family road trips this month. I'd love to share all 12,000 photos with you, but instead I'll share this sweet snap of me and my three-year-old at his first bar mitzvah: Due to COVID, this little guy has barely been anywhere. We are finally taking him out in the world and I love it! He's super social and loves to dance all night! Who knew?! Notable Personal Event I attended my twenty-fifth college reunion. I was feeling nervous about the whole... Read more →

Hooray for April! What a month it has been. Notable Family Event This month we celebrated Easter with one of my son's best friends from preschool. The other family lives just a few blocks away and Steve and I really like both the parents, so it's a perfect friendship situation all around. Yay! On a side note, between the four adults we were raised Jewish, Muslim, Christian, and Catholic. That's quite an Easter crew. Notable Personal Event I helped my Mother clean out her basement. At first it seemed difficult to get rid of all the memories left in her... Read more →

I don't know about you, but March definitely came in as a lion. I'm not sure if it's going out as a lamb...but things do seem to have calmed down. Notable Family Event We have been trotting out Candy Land in order to introduce our three-year-old to the concept of board games. It's not going particularly well in the sense of actually playing the game. But he does seem to enjoy the board and the little pieces. And we've been practicing colors and I'm hopeful that eventually we will be able to have family board game nights! Notable Personal... Read more →

Hey friends! Where did February go? I know it's a short month, but I feel like it disappeared way too quickly! Notable Family Event We had a double playdate with two families from my son's preschool. It was tons of fun and we learned how to make "smash cookies," which are such a brilliant idea! In essentials, you make sugar cookie dough balls. Then you give each child a container full of sprinkles. They put the dough ball into their container and mash it into the sprinkles until it's covered. Then you put the balls onto parchment paper and "smash"... Read more →