Art Parts

100 Days of Art Parts: Days 1-11

This year, for my 100 Day Project, I have chosen to work on my stash of Art Parts. (If you're not familiar with the 100 Day Project, it's a simple challenge: commit to creating something for 100 days, and see where it takes you.) I chose Art Parts and stated my case as to why in this short video: And now, here's days 1-11: The biggest takeaway I have from the first eleven days is: I have already embraced the Art Parts methodology and doing this 100 Day Project pretty much just involves photographing or videotaping myself doing it. It's... Read more →

The 100 Day Project kicks off on Wednesday (February 22). It's a world-wide online challenge. You choose one thing to do for 100 days -- 100 days of sit-ups, 100 days of cooking, 100 days of art -- whatever you want. I have done several 100 Day Projects -- some successes and some failures. 2017: 100 Days of 15 Minute Faces (The post I linked is from the beginning of the challenge and HERE is a post from the end.) 2018: 100 Days of Art Tweets 2019: I was pregnant and we were renovating our house. The project was "100... Read more →