Art Parts

This week I'm filling up my Art Parts bin with black and white collage paper! Yay! Watch the video for more: As I mentioned in the video, I'm using High Flow Acrylic Paint on both deli paper and sulphite paper. And now I have lots and lots of great black and white collage paper to choose from! Recently, I have found myself reaching for black and white collage paper more and more. You can see some in each of these pieces from this year: Because I use soooo many colors, the black and white paper adds texture and pattern in... Read more →

As you know, I love Art Parts. They make the process of mixed media collage faster, more enjoyable, and easier. Imagine cooking a gourmet meal with all your ingredients prepped and ready to go. That's exactly what Art Parts is for my artwork. I like to have my backgrounds already painted, my embellishments done, and my collage papers ready to use. It's like having my own personal sous chef in the kitchen, cutting up all the ingredients for me. In this video I show you how I use Art Parts in my creative process. Three takeaways for you: Incorporate Art... Read more →

100 Days of Art Parts: Days 1-11

This year, for my 100 Day Project, I have chosen to work on my stash of Art Parts. (If you're not familiar with the 100 Day Project, it's a simple challenge: commit to creating something for 100 days, and see where it takes you.) I chose Art Parts and stated my case as to why in this short video: And now, here's days 1-11: The biggest takeaway I have from the first eleven days is: I have already embraced the Art Parts methodology and doing this 100 Day Project pretty much just involves photographing or videotaping myself doing it. It's... Read more →

The 100 Day Project kicks off on Wednesday (February 22). It's a world-wide online challenge. You choose one thing to do for 100 days -- 100 days of sit-ups, 100 days of cooking, 100 days of art -- whatever you want. I have done several 100 Day Projects -- some successes and some failures. 2017: 100 Days of 15 Minute Faces (The post I linked is from the beginning of the challenge and HERE is a post from the end.) 2018: 100 Days of Art Tweets 2019: I was pregnant and we were renovating our house. The project was "100... Read more →