Spring is in full bloom, and so are the flowers at the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) here in Boston. The museum's annual Art in Bloom event returned at the end of April, inviting art enthusiasts and nature lovers alike to experience the lovely juxtaposition of art and floral displays. This is always one of my favorite events of the year. This year I went with my Mom and my three-year-old. In case you don't know what Art in Bloom is: It's a weekend festival that transforms the MFA's galleries into a stunning floral wonderland, with floral designers and garden... Read more →

I recently ran through the new exhibit, Hokusai: Inspiration and Influence at the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) here in Boston. I was with my three-year-old and he was mostly interested in the display of LEGOs. If you don't know Hokusai's name, you probably still know his artwork. Few works of art have achieved the same level of recognition and cultural significance as "The Great Wave off Kanagawa." This iconic woodblock print, part of his renowned series "Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji," has captured the hearts and imaginations of viewers for centuries. It's also in the public domain, so you... Read more →

Three years ago I went to see Yayoi Kusama's "Love is Calling" installation at the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) here in Boston. At the time, I was pregnant with my son. And this past weekend, we stopped by the ICA to say goodbye to the exhibit (its time in Boston is over). It was my son's first Yayoi Kusama experience (but hopefully not his last). I've been lucky enough to experience a few other Yayoi Kusama installations in the past. It's always fun to be surrounded by color and pattern! While we were at the ICA, we peeked at... Read more →

I have quite a few photos from museum visits that I never shared here on the blog. I finally got around to editing some of those photos, so I'll be sharing them over the next month or two. Rest assured, all of these photos are oldies, but goodies. I am definitely sheltering at home at the moment! The MFA is/was (the exhibit closes in May) hosting an exhibit of Lucian Freud's self-portraits. Lucian Freud was an extremely respected British painter (he died in 2011) who was very well known for his portraits. He is one of the few painters to... Read more →

One of my favorite annual events at the MFA (Museum of Fine Arts) here in Boston is their "Connoisseurship Night." Fellow & Patron members of the Museum Council are invited to attend two brief curatorial tours and then it's a seated dinner in one of the galleries. Each year the tours are different and you get to choose from a list of 6-7 different tours. Like anything else -- there are popular choices and unpopular choices for tours. Everyone knows and loves Impressionism. I try to choose the less popular tours -- the things I've never heard of or have... Read more →

On Monday night I had the opportunity to see the new exhibit Mural: Jackson Pollock & Katharina Grosse at the MFA (Museum of Fine Arts) in Boston. Grosse was commissioned to create an artwork... response to Pollock's painting (his largest ever at 2o feet long): It's an interesting pairing. In many ways they are vastly different pieces. The Pollock piece is full of brush strokes, where the Grosse piece has the hard lines of the stencils she uses. Both pieces have tons of color and movement, but Pollock use of black and white makes the colors feel more subdued.... Read more →

I have just a few photos from the opening of the new exhibit, "Klimt & Schiele: Drawn" at the MFA Boston (Museum of Fine Arts). From the MFA's website: Nearly 30 years apart in age, Klimt and Schiele shared a mutual respect and admiration for each other’s talent. Yet, their work is decidedly different in appearance and effect: Klimt’s drawings are often delicate, while Schiele’s are frequently bold. Klimt often used these sheets as preparatory designs for paintings, while Schiele considered his drawings to be independent pictures and routinely sold them. Check it out: I enjoyed the exhibit, but I... Read more →

I stumbled into a small but charming exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts here in Boston (MFA). It's located in the basement of the museum -- on the wall across from the doors to the cafeteria. Since 1999 the MFA has had a partnership with the Foundation for the Arts in Nagoya, Japan. For fourteen years, young students in both Boston and Nagoya have been working on a variety of art projects based on shared themes. This year, the focus was on designing original textile art work, using printmaking and embroidery. I have fallen in love with this work.... Read more →

I shared photos from Graffiti Alley in Cambridge back in July. Believe it or not, it has completely changed in just a few months. I went back for another visit and the art was all new! Take a peek: If you're interested in street art, here are a few links you might find worthwhile: Street Art News on instagram (I follow them and it's always interesting) Geo Street Art app -- for locating street art in London and NYC Google Art Project: Street Art -- substantive information about street art around the world Thanks for stopping by! Read more →

The MFA (Museum of Fine Arts) in Boston has a fantastic exhibit right now called, "Showdown: Kuniyoshi vs. Kunisada." I was not particularly excited about the exhibit when I read about it or even when I saw the photos of what was coming. Nonetheless, I decided to stop in and see what all the fuss was about. Kuniyoshi and Kunisada were both masters of wood block printing. When you look at the prints in the exhibit, it's mind boggling to think that they're woodblock prints and not paintings or drawings. As you will see, the work is very small scale... Read more →