This post was originally published on June 24, 2019. I have updated the post with some additional thoughts. My artwork rarely ends up where I thought it might. It's usually more of a wandering process than a marching one. Let me show you what I'm talking about: I started a painting and I thought it might be an abstract piece. This is how it started: I didn't love it, so I cut it in half (one of the benefits of working on paper): Then I decided to add some collage in order to break up some of the rigidity of... Read more →

This week I'm filling up my Art Parts bin with black and white collage paper! Yay! Watch the video for more: As I mentioned in the video, I'm using High Flow Acrylic Paint on both deli paper and sulphite paper. And now I have lots and lots of great black and white collage paper to choose from! Recently, I have found myself reaching for black and white collage paper more and more. You can see some in each of these pieces from this year: Because I use soooo many colors, the black and white paper adds texture and pattern in... Read more →

I don't think I've gotten so many responses to a blog post since I announced I was pregnant in 2019! The response to my dilemma about sending complicated hand made cards to everyone on my holiday list... ...garnered a lot of comments (both on my blog and instagram) and many many emails. This is a screenshot of my inbox: Overwhelmingly, the crowd seems to feel that Steve has it right. "I agree with Steve. Keep things simple. Handmade for those who will appreciate the effort and treasure your art. Prints of one of the originals for everyone else. I do... Read more →

I'm back with another inspirational art journaling video for you. Yay! This is a clip from my online class, Art Journaling: 10 Minutes a Day for 30 Days. It's all about shape -- one of the design elements we work very hard on in Design Boot Camp. Interesting shapes matter in art because they elevate the visual experience, convey personal meaning, and contribute to the overall impact and value of the artwork. They are one of the essential tools that artists use to express themselves and communicate with their audience. Watch the video for more: I often find myself doodling... Read more →

Back in February, I created this mixed media collage piece: It was meant to be part of my ongoing series of work about my experience of motherhood. The series features vessels (bowls, vases, cups, etc.) and plants in various stages of bloom. I showed it to my Mom and she was insistent that it was a house with a staircase and somehow, that bugged me. I lived with it for a few weeks, but it kept bugging me. So, I painted a new painting on top of it. This version of the mixed media collage is more flat and contained.... Read more →

Hello friends! This week I thought you might be interested to see the collage palette I used in my recent Collage Faces class. Just as you might swatch paint colors when working on a painting, it's extremely helpful to have a quick reference sheet for collage. Watch the video for more: Here are a few reasons you might want to swatch your collage papers (aka create a collage paper palette): Visual Reference: Just like paint swatches, I like to see at a glance what I have on hand. It helps me to make decisions. Opacity: You can use a non-white... Read more →

A few weeks ago, I wrapped up my three-part live online Collage Faces class. For class number three, we focused on troubleshooting, backgrounds, bodies, and finishing touches. For instance, I shared how to take this perfectly great collage... ..and make it even better! It's more complex, more interesting, more layered, and more nuanced. Here are a few of my other demo pieces: Much of my focus in class was about embracing your personal style and I think you'll fall in love with the beautiful and unique work from the students. I asked if any of them were willing to share... Read more →

I worked on five new mixed media collages this week. And in this week's studio visit, I'm talking about the details. Here are some practical techniques and tips to infuse your artwork with mesmerizing details and captivating mark making: Layering: I love to layer pattern on texture. Experiment with transparent layers, such as glazes. The fun of layering is that it's a process of discovery. You can keep adding and subtracting elements, playing with composition and balance until you achieve the desired effect. It's like creating a visual symphony, where each layer adds a new note, creating a harmonious whole.... Read more →

As you know, I love Art Parts. They make the process of mixed media collage faster, more enjoyable, and easier. Imagine cooking a gourmet meal with all your ingredients prepped and ready to go. That's exactly what Art Parts is for my artwork. I like to have my backgrounds already painted, my embellishments done, and my collage papers ready to use. It's like having my own personal sous chef in the kitchen, cutting up all the ingredients for me. In this video I show you how I use Art Parts in my creative process. Three takeaways for you: Incorporate Art... Read more →

On Saturday I spent a super fast (time flies when you're having fun) four hours with a lovely group of artists in my Collage Faces class. I would say about a quarter of the class is attending live and the rest are watching the replay. That's the wonderful thing about Zoom. It's so flexible! Plus, I think the message board and ability to share images and ask questions between classes makes it feel like you don't have to watch live. For class number two, we focused on the structure of the basic pleasing face and how to construct it out... Read more →