Exploring Art Supplies

I love art supplies! I keep a list of all of my favorite supplies HERE. But today I thought I'd share 5 that I can't live without: Grey Matters Palette Paper I used a plastic plate as a palette for years and years... ...before I switched to white palette paper (which you can see me using in this video). But then I read about how the only way to really see colors as they are is on a grey background. So then, I had to switch to grey colored palette paper. I made the switch many years ago and I... Read more →

I have four art carts in my studio. Cart #1 is for sewing items. I use it to hold my fabric scraps and sewing notions. Cart #2 is for art journaling. I use it to hold my favorite pens, markers, stamps, deli paper, and collage fodder. Cart #3 is for memory keeping and ScanNCut. I use it to hold my most used Project Life supplies and some ScanNCut accessories. Cart #4 is for painting. I use it to hold my most used mediums, brushes, tools, and favorite paints. This system works for me because my studio is a big open... Read more →

I was in the Target craft aisle last week (big surprise) and I discovered that they have released some heavy bodied tube paints under their house brand, "Hand Made Modern." I previously reviewed their craft paints (not a big fan) in June 2016. Keeping an open mind, I decided to buy a few tubes of this new paint and give it a test drive. I videotaped my experiments: And here are some of the experiments from the video: (The stencils I used are called Number Scramble and Tangled Vine.) You know there's a lot of brown in this color mixing... Read more →

The good folks at Ranger invited me to participate in the 2019 Ranger Designer Challenge, featuring Dina Wakley Pouring Medium. Before I even opened my box, I watched this video about it from Dina: I had done some paint pouring before -- mostly dirty pours with Matte Medium -- so I was super excited to try out Dina' version. Here is the piece I made for the challenge: I used a lot of foam adhesive in order to create dimension on the piece: I really like the way this piece turned out, although I have to confess that it feels... Read more →

Hey you guys! The kind folks at Gelli Arts sent me their GIANT Gelli Plate (20x16). Because it's so big, it's perfect for printing on fabric fat quarters! (Fat quarters are usually 22x18.) In the video, I'm sharing my very first time using this giant plate (so fun) and demonstrating how quick and easy it is to print up tons and tons of custom fabric. Supplies Used: Fabric Paint Gelli Plate Brayer Catalyst Tools Now I just have to decide what to do about all this yummy hand printed fabric?! I'm sure I can come up with some ideas!! Thanks... Read more →

I'm late to the party. The MISTI or "Most Incredible Stamp Tool Invented" has been around for several years. I've often looked at it, but never necessarily felt it was "for me." Nevertheless, I had the opportunity to try it out in January at Creativation and I surprised myself by really liking it. And the folks at MISTI surprised me by gifting me with a MISTI to take home. #Printinktober was apparently the push I needed to take it out of the box and start to play. And now that it's out, I really don't want to put it away... Read more →

Today I'm trying out Blickrylics for the first time. They're Blick's Economy Acrylic Paints. Watch the video to see my discoveries: And here are some of the experiments from the video: Links for you: Color Mixing Class Gelli Printing Class Solemn Branch Stencil Love Sonnet Stencil Bauhaus Stencil Gelli Plate Brayer Deli Paper Have you tried out the Blickrylics before? What did you think? Thanks for stopping by! Read more →

I recently got a pack of three Blick Colored Pencils for free. So, I thought I'd road test them on video while comparing them to Prismacolor Pencils. I was surprised by the results: And here is a peek at some of my trial and error samples from the video: Are you a colored pencil fan? Is there a brand that you use and trust? I'd love to know! Thanks for stopping by! Read more →

The good folks at Sakura of America were kind enough to send me their brand new Koi Creative Art Colors (CAC) watercolors to try out. They're super special because it's a box full of metallic, pearlescent, and neon watercolors!! Watch the video for more: Here are some of the experiments I made when playing with the CAC watercolors: And my assistant, Suzanne, had some play time with them as well. She did some lettering: Finally, here is a color chart for reference: This is on white paper. Obviously, as you saw in the video, the colors look different on dark... Read more →

I tried a new-to-me product for the first time: Easy Marble by Marabu. You can watch the video below to see my explorations -- including the moment that I lose my mind over how cool and easy it is to do! Here are some of the marbled pieces I made: Tags: Papers: Buttons: Rocks: And a necklace: You can see some of the "real" paper marbling I did in a class last year here. You can't control Easy Marble in the same way, but it is a much easier process and I think you'll agree: the results are amazing! Thanks... Read more →