Today we're talking about art supplies with a big price tag -- over $100. If you're looking to give the gift of art supplies, keep reading. And if you're looking to receive art supplies, feel free to share this list with Santa. H-Frame Easel - $169.99 This is the easel that I have. I bought it more than a decade ago when I lived in a tiny NYC apartment. I could fold it up flat when I wasn't using it and unfold it when I wanted to paint. Perfect for a small space. Now that I have a big painting... Read more →

Today we're talking about art supplies under $100. If you're looking to give the gift of art supplies, keep reading. And if you're looking to receive art supplies, feel free to share this list with Santa. QoR Watercolors - $90.01 for the set I was first introduced to QoR (pronounced "core") watercolors in 2016 and I've never looked back. I've also never had to buy watercolor again. I'm still using the original set from 2016 five years later. So, yes they're pricey, but they will last you. They are intensely pigmented use Aquazol instead of Gum Arabic as a binder.... Read more →

If you're looking to give the gift of art supplies, I've gathered a list for you of great stuff that is all under $15. If you're looking to receive art supplies, feel free to share this list with Santa. :) Golden Gripper $2.59 I use this thing every single time I paint. It makes opening paint tubes a breeze. No more pliers. No more teeth. No more sore fingers and struggles. If I ever lose it, I will buy another without question. Stabilo All Marking Pencils $1.75 each - buy all 8 colors for $14 This water soluble pencil writes... Read more →

Hey friends! I'm delighted to once again be teaching a class for my friend Nat Kalbach's mega online course, Creative JumpStart. This year's theme is "Creating Connections" and don't we all need a bit of that nowadays? It's quite an impressive line up of teachers -- probably some names you know and some that are new to you. Personally, I'm excited about some of the quilty people on the list like Jane LaFazio & Drew Steinbrecher. Both of them make quilts and do surface design work. One of the pleasures of a big class like this is discovering fresh new... Read more →

To all who celebrate, a very Happy Thanksgiving from us to you! I hope these photos give you a little giggle. He was not in the mood for a photo! Time is the most lovely gift that any of us can give another human being. So, thank you for taking the time to read this blog, leave comments, buy artwork, take classes...I appreciate all of it! Thank you!!! Read more →

I stumbled upon this YouTube video yesterday and it made me think. Give it a watch: I do remember the first time I saw art that provoked an emotional reaction in me. It was in Norway at Vigeland Park. It was pre-phone camera and pre-blog, so I found this photo online to share with you today: On that day, I walked amongst the giant statues and suddenly started weeping. And yet, I remember showing photos of the sculpture to my Father and he didn't understand why I liked it so much. I thought, "Well photos don't do it justice." But... Read more →

I had a great time on Saturday teaching the second class in my series of live online classes all about composition. We focused on symmetry and asymmetry and the final class assignment was to create a concurrent series of 3-4 works of art using the knowledge you gained in class. Here is the final version of my series of 4 pieces: They're all based on the same basic design. Working in a concurrent series is a great way to let go of perfectionism, get faster at making art, try new things, and end indecision. If you're interested in working in... Read more →

On Saturday I'm teaching a 4-hour live online class all about Symmetry & Asymmetry. It's part of my "Composition Class" series in which I'm helping you learn how to create stronger and more dynamic compositions. As the title of the class indicates, I will teaching you how to create symmetrical and asymmetrical designs that are balanced. Here is an example of two simple abstract designs composed from the exact same elements: Balance is one of the Design Principles and a vital skill to master for pleasing compositions. Balance in art is exactly what it sounds like: it's the visual distribution... Read more →

This week during the ScanNCut Club livestream I did a long demo all about embossing on metal using the ScanNCut and I remembered that back in 2015, I had put together a great short video all about how to emboss with metal tape and stencils. This video is six years old, but the technique is still super relevant: You can read the original post and see some more stencil ideas HERE. And, here are a few more related posts from the archives that you might find useful: Embossed Foam Distress Paint Tutorial: Embossed Foil Tape Words: Embossed Tin Ornaments: Let... Read more →

So the September Scrawlr Box landed in my mailbox on Monday, October 18. Shipping was very slow from the UK this time around, but the good news is that art supplies have a long shelf life. This was easily my favorite Scrawlr Box yet. Watch the unboxing video for all the deets: Contents: Derwent Charcoal & Graphite Blocks: could not find a link - sorry! Faber-Castell Pitt-Graphite Matt Pencils Clairefontaine Paint-On Denim A5 Pad Vairico Art-Graf Tailors Chalk Goldfaber White Colored Pencil Derwent Blending Stump And here's a better look at my doodle from the unboxing: As a side note,... Read more →