So the September Scrawlr Box landed in my mailbox on Monday, October 18. Shipping was very slow from the UK this time around, but the good news is that art supplies have a long shelf life. This was easily my favorite Scrawlr Box yet. Watch the unboxing video for all the deets: Contents: Derwent Charcoal & Graphite Blocks: could not find a link - sorry! Faber-Castell Pitt-Graphite Matt Pencils Clairefontaine Paint-On Denim A5 Pad Vairico Art-Graf Tailors Chalk Goldfaber White Colored Pencil Derwent Blending Stump And here's a better look at my doodle from the unboxing: As a side note,... Read more →

As you know, I purchased a one-year subscription to Scrawlr Box -- an art supply subscription box out of the UK. Each month I open the box and share my first impressions with you. These are my personal opinions about what works for me and what doesn't. I hope you find the video useful and entertaining! Here's a list of the box contents with links to purchase: Daler Rowney Mixed Media Art Boards Derwent Colour Line Maker Zig Vellum Twin Marker (link takes you to an orange marker, I couldn't find black) Molotow One-4-All Acrylic Twin Markers UNI Signo Broad... Read more →

The day before Hurricane Henri hit us, I had a booth at my very first art fair! The weather was warm and soupy and I sweat more than I thought was possible, but it was a great experience! I met lots of people, had human contact (yay), and sold a few things too. It was surprisingly very ego boosting. So many people had kind things to say about my work. It was a balm to my soul. If you're interested in all the details, I put together a vlog all about the experience and it's available now to Maker &... Read more →

5 Mixed Media Art Supplies I'm Currently Loving!

I put together a quick edit of an instagram live video I did earlier this month. It's all about 5 art supplies I'm currently loving! Here's the list: Paint Puck Dynasty Stencil Brushes Listo China Markers Plastic Funnel Mesh File Box You'll note that almost everything on the list is something that makes my arting life easier. I'm at the stage in my art supply purchasing where the things that thrill me are usually little things that simply make creating easier and/or more pleasurable. What's on your list of current favorite mixed media art supplies? I'd love to know! Read more →

This post was originally published in August of 2012. I recently watched the auto-tune remix from one of my favorite childhood TV shows, Mr. Rogers Neighborhood: I had forgotten how much of the show was about using your imagination. I actually teared up a little watching this video. The lessons of kindness, courtesy, responsibility, and respect that Mr. Rogers espoused on his show, not to mention his encouragement to dream and imagine and play make believe, have stuck with me into adulthood. A day or two after watching the video I was still hearing two phrases rattling through my head.... Read more →

Learning to offer helpful feedback when viewing art is a skill worth acquiring. It's actually useful both to you and the recipient of the feedback. I often ask for feedback. I enjoy hearing other people's opinions, even when the differ from my own. That's right. It's okay to have negative feedback. But, think about why you're offering feedback. Most of the time, it's because you want to help the person asking for feedback. Is it helpful to say, "I don't like this?" Probably not. Is it helpful to say, "This is ugly?" Probably not. Those kind of statements are deflating... Read more →

Join Mom and me today at 2pm EST for a live podcast all about sketchbooks. Set a reminder and/or watch HERE. I'm doing a live online presentation tomorrow at 11:30am PST (2:30pm EST) for Sewing Machines Plus's Virtual Hoop Fest. I'll be demonstrating how ScanNCut and your Brother embroidery machine can work together, as in these examples: I made these samples over the weekend. This is the link to watch. I hope to see you there. I was recently the guest on Wendy Solginak's podcast, "Show Up or Shut Up." I hope you'll give the episode a listen! And finally,... Read more →

This sentiment is a cornerstone of my art practice. When I don't feel inspired (which is often), I make collage papers, do research, test out new-to-me products, scribble in my sketchbook, make Art Parts...and often inspiration hits me while I'm busy working. Inspiration feels a little bit like luck. You know the old saying? "You make your own luck." Luck is not a guarantee, just like inspiration. You have to work hard so that you're ready for it when it comes. This is how I developed my "Art Parts" theory. I make mindless parts for my art (backgrounds, embellishment clusters,... Read more →

I have fallen down a laminating rabbit hole and I want to laminate everything I see! It started innocently enough. I wanted to create some custom picture books for my son. I happen to own a laminator because I did a segment years ago for Make It Artsy on heat lamination for foiling. But I didn't own any lamination pouches because, as I said, I had only used the laminator for foiling. When I decided to buy some laminating pouches, I discovered that there are both glossy AND matte lamination pouches. Of course, I had to buy both. In the... Read more →