Get Smart About Art

As part of my ongoing series about artists I admire, I wanted to share a bit about California artist, Anna Valdez. photo source From the Hashimoto Contemporary website: Anna Valdez (b. 1985) is a multi-disciplinary artist who examines the relationship between objects, cultural formation, and collective consciousness. Creating epic tableaux in her studio, Valdez moves seamlessly between still life and landscape painting, collecting objects and making new ones, and cultivation, observation, and fictionalization. Valdez received her MFA in painting from Boston University in 2013 and her BA in Anthropology and Art from University of California, Davis in 2009. Her work... Read more →

One of my Design Boot Camp students recently asked me how I know so much about such a wide variety of artists? Well, it's no secret that I have a passion for art and art history. I love visiting museums and galleries, reading books, taking classes, and learning about art movements and famous artists - both historically important and contemporary. I thought I'd begin a new occasional series for the blog where I share some of the things that I've learned with you about artists whom I admire. Today, I thought we could take look at the work of contemporary... Read more →