Decorative tile is really expensive. You probably know this. For a while during our home renovation I thought very seriously about painting my own decorative tiles. I even went so far as to make some samples to see if it was a good or a bad idea. The previous homeowners had left a box of plain white square tiles in the basement. Score! I did my online research and discovered that enamel paint was going to be the best bet for painting on top of finished tiles and actually having the paint stick and stay. And so off I went... Read more →

I figured that it might be time for a home renovation update! Here is a video walk through I put together: I filmed this video a week ago. So much more has already gone on at the house and I wanted to share a few photos! Renovating a house means getting excited about boring things no one else cares about, like towel rings and hooks going up in the bathroom: We changed out the tile on this fireplace. Here's a before and after. (The before is a photo taken by the realtor, clearly designed to make the wood look much... Read more →

We are painting the walls in our new home white. This feels like it should be an easy task to pick white paint, right? I mean, here is a white paint chip: Only it's not really white. Suddenly it looks very peachy, right? (I did no editing or filtering on these photos. These are straight out of my phone.) Color is relative. We see colors -- even white -- differently depending on what it's next to. White: Actually, it's vaguely green: Again and again -- the whites seem to change even photo to photo: I swear to you that in... Read more →

As I mentioned before, I've been wanting to actually try out some of the projects I pin on Pinterest. This week, I decided to tackle this one: One of the reasons I chose this project is because I had all the supplies on hand: stencils, paint, and Dura-Lar. I even had the battery operated candles in my stash! I ended up not using a gelatin plate, as the caption under the photo seems to recommend (the pin, unfortunately, leads to a dead page). Instead, I used a makeup wedge to stencil onto the Dura-Lar -- btw: If you're not familiar... Read more →

As you probably know, the biggest craft project I'm working on is a home renovation. And renovation doesn't really seem to cover what it is. It's kind of building a new house inside of the old house shell. Listen the podcast to hear more: If you do not see the podcast player above, please click on this link. You can listen to a podcast anywhere and at any time. It is a recording that is available to you whenever you'd like to listen. If you'd like to download it to your iTunes library, click here. You can also pause and... Read more →

I have always said that there are three hobbies I enjoy: buying art supplies organizing art supplies using art supplies (Sometimes I do a little too much of hobby #1.) As it turns out, renovating a house has some similar activities to engage in, particularly when it comes to the buying part. In some ways I suppose this isn't surprising. This house is simply the largest arts and crafts project I've ever done! Because I have an old Victorian house (built in 1890) I have been visiting lots of super fun salvage shops up and down the East Coast. I... Read more →

Happy Friday! I wanted to share some photos from our home renovation. As you may recall, we purchased a house in August 2018. Great bones, and exactly the location I wanted, but it needed some updating. We began work on the house at the end of November 2018. We started in the basement, which had a lot of issues. It was wet -- like pools of water. Part of the floor was dirt. The stairs were falling down. There was huge pipe sticking up out of the ground. The floor was uneven. And then we discovered...the foundation was crumbling. So,... Read more →

For the next few days I'm going to be sharing a series of "best of 2018" posts: Best of 2018: Painting, Food, and More Best of 2018: Art Journal Pages Best of 2018: ScanNCut and Stamping Best of 2018: Blog Posts To compile these posts, I've read back through an entire year's worth of blog posts and picked my personal favorites to highlight. Enjoy! Painting -- I really did a pathetic amount of painting this year. I hadn't realized how few pieces I completed until I starter looking through the year's archives. Hopefully there will more painting in 2019. But... Read more →

I recently participated in Cloth Paper Scissors "Road Test" section, where they ask artists to make something with a particular product. They sent me a roll of red Kraft-Tex. I had experimented with Kraft-Tex a few times before. It's a fascinating product. It's paper, but you can wash it and sew it like fabric. It has some similarities to leather in appearance. It doesn't tear and it takes paint easily. A lot of people use it for bags and journal covers. If you know me, you know that I always want to do something different. I wanted to make something... Read more →

I shared the progress of this epic dresser redo a few weeks ago. At long last, it is done! After painting it, I waxed it: And I added new knobs: And it all came together! I love the painted drawer sides. I know that only I will see them, but they make me happy! All in all, I must confess, I think this dresser turned out even better than I imagined or hoped! Just in case you were wondering, I snapped these photos in my new house -- which is totally empty and clutter free. So, it makes for a... Read more →