In Depth

I am super duper sick and so today I'm giving you a post from the Balzer Designs archives. This one was originally posted on July 21, 2008. And the amazing thing is that four years later, I still agree with every single point! Enjoy! Today I thought I'd share 10 techniques that I use on almost every scrapbooking layout I make... 1. Ink the edges of the photos. Several years ago I read an interview in Scrapbooks Etc. where the designer said that she inked the edges of all of her photos. I had long inked the edges of my... Read more →

I'm away in France for 10 days. While I'm gone, I have a whole bunch of fun posts for you. Here is today's.... I often get asked about my scrapbook page making process. So I figured I'd go through the basics of how my brain works! My first decision: what to use? I decided to do a layout for one of my monthly Prima assignments. So now I know that everything I use will be Prima. Easy enough. But what to do? My husband and I had a conversation the night before I made the layout about kindness. Aha! What... Read more →

I've decided to start a new occasional series on my blog called "In Depth." Basically, every so often, I'll take an art project I've made and pick it apart a little bit more. Not a tutorial, really, but a chat about process; the thoughts behind each element. I'd love some feedback on whether or not you like this and the other kinds of things you'd like to know about! We're starting with this page: I made it from the October Label Tulip kit: For me, scrapbooking is usually about two things: telling a story and expressing myself artistically. This layout... Read more →