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Hey friends! I'm taking the rest of the week off from the blog. Steve is out of town and I've got my hands full. While I'm busy chasing down a toddler whose main ambition in life seems to be to run away from me, I thought I'd share some great content from the archives. This post originally appeared on the blog on May 13, 2016. ------- I often post art journal pages that I've created or that other people have created and say something like, "I hope you see something that inspires you." But today it occurred to me: What... Read more →

As I mentioned before, I've been wanting to actually try out some of the projects I pin on Pinterest. This week, I decided to tackle this one: One of the reasons I chose this project is because I had all the supplies on hand: stencils, paint, and Dura-Lar. I even had the battery operated candles in my stash! I ended up not using a gelatin plate, as the caption under the photo seems to recommend (the pin, unfortunately, leads to a dead page). Instead, I used a makeup wedge to stencil onto the Dura-Lar -- btw: If you're not familiar... Read more →

Are you like me? Do you just keep saving cool ideas on the internet and doing nothing with them? Well, no more!! Suzanne and I are determined to start using the ideas we save to actually make projects. First is this colorful house piece I found on Pinterest: I love these simple wonky houses. They're colorful and imperfect and the project seemed simple enough. However, I never like to be a direct copy-cat. After all, if you're going to copy the project exactly, you should purchase it from the original artist. Instead, I wanted to take some inspiration from it.... Read more →