Inspired By

As I mentioned before, I've been wanting to actually try out some of the projects I pin on Pinterest. This week, I decided to tackle this one: One of the reasons I chose this project is because I had all the supplies on hand: stencils, paint, and Dura-Lar. I even had the battery operated candles in my stash! I ended up not using a gelatin plate, as the caption under the photo seems to recommend (the pin, unfortunately, leads to a dead page). Instead, I used a makeup wedge to stencil onto the Dura-Lar -- btw: If you're not familiar... Read more →

Are you like me? Do you just keep saving cool ideas on the internet and doing nothing with them? Well, no more!! Suzanne and I are determined to start using the ideas we save to actually make projects. First is this colorful house piece I found on Pinterest: I love these simple wonky houses. They're colorful and imperfect and the project seemed simple enough. However, I never like to be a direct copy-cat. After all, if you're going to copy the project exactly, you should purchase it from the original artist. Instead, I wanted to take some inspiration from it.... Read more →