Make It Artsy

Check out these super cool earrings... ...that are super duper easy to make. You can watch the video tutorial below: Every time I've worn them, and I've worn them a lot, I get tons and tons of compliments from strangers. They look okay on the stands... ...but they simply sing when you put them on! They're lightweight and unique and I love them. I hope you'll make some for yourself! Thanks for stopping by! --- P.S. I am a paid spokesperson for the Brother ScanNCut. It is a machine that I love and use. All projects and opinions are my... Read more →

You know what I have a lot of? Washi tape. I love it. I collect it. But I don't always use it. Until today. I found a great way to use tons of washi tape: thank you cards! In essentials: I added strips of washi tape to pieces of cardstock. I cut the phrase "thank you" from the washi taped cardstock. On some cards I used the positive. On some cards I used the negative. On some cards I used both. Positive: Negative: Both: This idea would work for other phrases and for shapes. And here's a pro tip: If... Read more →

I don't know about you, but summer weather mixed with social distancing means we spend a lot of time on our porch. I discovered that an easy way to jazz up my outdoor furniture -- and make it feel more homey -- is with some throw pillows. As you can see, I made two throw pillow covers from the same quilt block pattern. But even though the pillow covers are both made from the exact some pattern, they look quite different! It all comes down to fabric choice. As you can see, I made one with solids and the other... Read more →

I got a bunch of questions about tar paper after my post last week. I am not a tar paper expert. Here's what I know: Tar paper is a building material. It is primarily used for roofing. You can read the wikipedia page about it here. The tar paper I have doesn't have a smell. My understanding is that tar paper made before 1970 had asbestos in it, but the modern version does not. I learned about tar paper from Ardith Goodwin when she was a guest on Make It Artsy. You can find some information about using soap as... Read more →

My show, Make It Artsy, appears on Create TV across the US. For 15 years, Create® has been the premier lifestyle channel featuring public television’s most popular how-to series, now focused on food, travel, home & garden, arts & crafts, fitness, and lifestyle. Create is one of the nation’s most-watched multicast channels, airing on 239 public TV stations and reaching 44 million viewers annually. On Monday, Create TV announced the launch of the Create Crafts Challenge 2020 -- a national video contest. This year the Create Challenge will focus upon home crafters and professional artisans interested in winning the Grand... Read more →

I'm so pleased to share that the EIGTH season of Make It Artsy can now be found on your local PBS or PBS Create station. Hooray! In case you don't know, I host this crafty half hour TV show. Each episode of the show contains 2-3 guests and projects range from jewelry to sculpture to painting to stamping...and everything in between! You can watch the show on your TV, stream episodes online, or buy DVDs of each season to watch over and over again! Here are two of my favorite segments from season 8 -- enjoy! Thanks for stopping by! Read more →

Make It Artsy: Let's Journal

Today I thought I'd share three segments from Make It Artsy which all feature some aspect of journaling! First up, Bullet Journaling (yes, I still keep a Bullet Journal): Next, Cat Kerr demonstrates how to make a clear journal cover: And finally, I show you how to create a textured journal cover using cake and cookie decorating tools! I hope that you'll give one of these techniques a try! Read more →

Hey you guys! Remember that epic dresser re-do I did last year? A lot of people thought that the floral pattern was stenciled. But, it was not. I hand painted every inch of that dresser, including the edges of the drawers! So many people asked me about the pattern that I decided to put together a quick tutorial for season 6 of Make It Artsy. Instead of a dresser (which would have been awkward to bring on the plane and far too time consuming) I used succulent pots! They're super cute and very easy to make. You can watch the... Read more →

I've fallen down a shibori rabbit hole. In case you don't know, shibori is the ancient Japanese art of indigo dyeing. Patterns are created by artfully placed folds, stitches, clamps, etc. I have not ventured into real indigo dyeing quite yet. I'm keeping it simple with dyes I already have on hand and practicing my various folds and pleats and wrapping techniques. For this experimental phase, I'm using very small pieces of PFD (prepared for dyeing) muslin. By working small, I find that I am able to test out numerous variables with a limited commitment of time. Here's a peek... Read more →

Here is another project that I recently completed for the upcoming season of Make It Artsy: It's a pillow cover! The segment is all about paper piecing. I used hand printed fabric for the letters and the border and then a plain Kona solid for the "background." Here are some detail photos: And here is the back of the pillow cover: I think that paper piecing gets a bad rap as being a kind of perfectionist's way of piecing. Personally, I find it much easier and less stressful than traditional piecing. I also love that you can incorporate lots of... Read more →