The Artful Holiday class is off to a fabulous start! On Monday, I shared how to make these super fun fabric earrings: Sharyn said, "Easy to follow and thorough instructions. I BELIEVE I can do this. I like that I can use my own stuff or paint a new design. Beautiful result! Great start to this series. Thanks." And I was thrilled when Laura posted her version of the earrings in the Balzer Designs Students Facebook Group: And Marybeth posted hers on instagram: As a teacher, there's nothing better than seeing the work you inspire! On Tuesday, Carolyn Dube taught... Read more →

Something I've become very interested in lately is contemporary still life. I have tried my hand at a few practice sketches in my studio notebook, with mixed results. I need to practice more and spend some time setting up some compelling still life images to draw. Like I've said before: art is a practice. As part of my interest in contemporary still life images, I've been collecting work that I like on a Pinterest board. Here's a peek at that board: The images I'm drawn to are busy and full of pattern and color and movement. I find that this... Read more →

I stumbled across a pair of excellent videos from artist, Alice Mumford... ...and I had to share them with you. In the videos she asks the question: Are you a dabber or a slabber? I won't be as eloquent as she is in the videos, but the quick and dirty version is: A dabber builds up a painting over time in small bits and pieces with consistent attention. A slabber creates artwork with large shapes, often in a short and intense period of time. And, of course, many of us are both dabbers and slabbers. Alice shares a host of... Read more →

Hello friends! I have an enormous amount of artwork that I've made in the past six months. I've been a busy bee and I'm excited to share. You can expect to see lots more over the coming weeks. I've shared all of the paintings on this wall, except for the one in the center. There's something so wonderful about seeing lots of pieces of your work hanging on a wall, even if it is an imaginary wall! This piece has lovely deep edges (it's a 12x12 wood panel), but was spectacularly difficult to photograph because I finished it with a... Read more →

I've been taking some time to focus on making new and interesting artwork. I have at least a dozen new pieces of big artwork that I haven't shared yet. And a lot of that new artwork has stemmed from working into old artwork that no longer serves me. In 2016, I taught several classes in Australia. One of them was called, "Go Big or Go Home." I sold one of my demo paintings and the other one I ripped off the frame and rolled up in my suitcase. It remained rolled up for the last six years. But earlier this... Read more →

Yesterday I shared the dyed Easter eggs I made this year. After dyeing a dozen (or more) eggs, there's always extra dye left over. So, what to do with it? How about making beautiful translucent collage papers? Dip Dyeing is fun and easy. (There is a very formal Japanese dip dyeing process called Orizomegami. This is a very simplified version of that process.) Watch the video for the step-by-step instructions: Take a look at some of the papers I shared in the video: I used Japanese rice paper, but you could use any thin and absorbent paper. I hope you'll... Read more →

Over the past few weeks, I've been working on this large (36x36) striped painting: It's actually on top of a painting I threw together back in 2017 when we were staging Steve's house to sell it. It never felt like a finished painting to me, So recently, I let it sit in the studio for about a month. It was on the floor. It was leaning on some drawers. I hung it on my painting wall. I just kind of lived with it for a while. Soon enough, I starting cleaning my brushes off on it and I even let... Read more →

As I mentioned yesterday, I used a bunch of bleeding tissue paper in this new 18x24 mixed media collage: You can see some of the texture and pattern on the bleeding tissue paper (as well as the brilliant color) in these close-ups: I love this one. I popped it into a frame almost as soon as I made it, and hung it on our bedroom wall. Our bedroom isn't very photogenic, so here's a pretty bedroom with this lovely painting: I feel like I should sell this piece, but I'm not quite ready to let go of it. Thanks for... Read more →

I am stripe obsessed at the moment! I just spent the weekend gelatin printing oodles of striped collage paper. I counted and there are more than 100 pieces of striped collage paper in that pile! Each one is unique. Some are interesting and some are boring, but they're all striped. Here's a peek at just a few of the papers: My hands hurt and my back hurts but I'm so happy with my delicious collection of papers! My friend Sheeri asked me a very good question when I posted this photo of some of them drying: (This is a similar... Read more →

Here's a look at the large (19x24) demo piece I made during Design Boot Camp this year: And here's a look at its progress over several sessions in class: And the final version displayed along with some of my previous work: As you can see, all of my work kind of "goes together" no matter the format, content, or techniques used. This is what I think many people mean when they refer to "style." A big part of Design Boot Camp is helping each participant drill down to some essentials of what his or her style is. If you're interested... Read more →