Mixed Media Workshop

The filming for season 3 of the Mixed Media Workshop is coming up soon! Yay! But of course, before we can film, Jenn and I need to create all of the projects and step-outs! We've got three guests coming on the show this season -- a mixed media stitch expert (and a personal art hero of mine), an encaustic expert, and Paige wil be back with more bookbinding tips! So Jenn and I filled in the gaps with our projects. Here's a peek at what we've got coming your way! I was experimenting with patina -- and wow! That is... Read more →

I know that all you really want in life is DVDs of me doing artsy things, right? ;) Obviously, I'm joking, but just in case you do want some artsy inspiration on DVD (and many are available as streaming HD video too), here are a few options for you: Working in a Series: Making Better Art This is a brand new DVD or HD streaming download -- your choice. Jenn Mason and I each share how working in a series has helped us and then share techniques for creating in a series. My focus is on mixed media collage. Find... Read more →

I'd like to introduce you to Nick. Nick is an awesome member of the Mixed Media Workshop crew. See that whiteboard he's holding? Here's a close-up: In order to synch up all the cameras in editing, Nick is supposed to write the episode (212) and then the segment (1) number on the white board and hold it up for each of the cameras. Very early on in the filming process, he started adding doodle drawings with captions. They are wonderful, whimsical, ephemeral art and I wanted to share a few of them with you today. I love that Nick just... Read more →

You guys, there is always time for art. As I mentioned on Monday, this week I'm in Colorado filming season 2 of The Mixed Media Workshop. We got a new set for season two and there was an empty hole on the wall that needed some filling. So, while my co-host, Jenn Mason, was in hair and makeup, I took an hour to paint a canvas to fill that hole. I snapped some photos along the way. And here's how the canvas turned out: It looks great and fills the hole on set with color and pattern! Hooray for finding... Read more →

Last week I was at the Interweave offices in Sudbury, MA prepping for season two of The Mixed Media Workshop. We took over the conference room and flooded it with craft supplies of all kinds! My partner in crime, Jenn Mason, drew up a list of projects-to-be-completed on the big board. Everything that isn't circled is a project that Jenn or I (and sometimes both of us) have to create a project and step-outs for. Luckily, we roped in some helpers! Let the crafty sweat shop begin! There was singing and dancing and hands that got dyed purple (a pumice... Read more →

You guys! I'm super excited! The big day is finally here! The Mixed Media Workshop starts airing online tomorrow. A new episode will air online every single Friday! Here's a video Jenn and I made just for you -- my blog readers -- about what The Mixed Media Workshop is: And here's the bestest news of all! This weekend is free preview weekend for all of Craft Daily (the website that is hosting the show). Between May 8 and May 11, you can get free access to all 300 videos on the Craft Daily website, along with the first episode... Read more →

As you know, I spent the last week in Colorado, filming the first season of The Mixed Media Workshop. My time away had some beautiful views: Some tasty treats: (There are donuts and powdered sugar in the bag.) A lot of makeup and hair: A million silly faces: And the best team of awesome people: Finally, I put together a quick one-minute video showing a behind-the-scenes peek of the filming. It's mashed together from a bunch of 15-second instagram videos. Check it out and let me know if the show looks like something you'd enjoy watching! I'll be posting lots... Read more →

I'm in Colorado this week! We're filming the first season of The Mixed Media Workshop! Before I left town there was a crazy flurry of project making... And then yesterday morning we got to the set and unpacked the million-and-one (it's barely hyperbole) boxes and got the set ready to shoot. In the afternoon, Paige shot a bookbinding DVD (and there was a bit of goofing around). Lots of yummy art supplies to play with! Makes me super happy! Thanks for stopping by! Read more →

On Sunday I'm heading to Colorado to film the first season of the Mixed Media Workshop. Yay! But right now, I'm buried under a thousand different crafty projects. Here's a peek at what's happening in my personal crafty sweatshop.... I posted a 6-second flip through video of this little resined paper book to instagram. Check it out HERE. This may not look like much, but my entire apartment -- not just my studio -- looks like a tornado hit it. I haven't washed a dish in days. Laundry...forget about it. My floor has become a really good storage space for...well,... Read more →

You guys, you know that I loooooove a challenge, right? Well, last week I got to work on a totally awesome and exciting challenge! Jenn Mason and I are getting ready to film the first season of our weekly online video series, "The Mixed Media Workshop." I headed to Boston to work with Jenn for three intense days of prep. It was a crafty sweatshop! There was planning... ...and snacking... ...and art supplies... ...and silliness... ...and lots and lots of art making... We are filming in Colorado in two weeks and I've got heaps more art to make before then!... Read more →