Visiting art is one of my favorite things to do. Pre-baby and pre-pandemic (aka pre-2020), I visited a museum... ...or a gallery or an exhibit of some kind weekly. I visited museums in other towns... other countries... I sought out street art... ...and attended classes and art talks... ...and lots of events at art museums. I went by myself... ...on dates... ...with friends... ...and with my family. But now…I’m lucky if it’s once every two months. So, I’m working on changing that and getting back to weekly art adventures because they fill me up. (And, actually, I have to... Read more →

While we were in Los Angeles, we attended a magical event called "Enchanted Forest of Light" at Descanso Gardens. Enchanted Forest of Light is an interactive, nighttime experience, featuring a one-mile walk through a variety of lighting experiences in Descanso Gardens. Given the time difference between East Coast and West Coast, I wasn't sure if my little guy was going to make it, but he was a trooper and danced through the whole thing, deigning to ride in the stroller only at the end. (And fell asleep in the car almost immediately.) Here's a peek at some of the beautiful... Read more →

I've just come home from my first vacation in three years. It was lovely to unplug and reset for a week, to get out of my house, and to see my brother and his family. Here are the seven of us at The Getty in Los Angeles. The Getty is FREE, but you do have to make a timed reservation. And you do have to pay for parking. The grounds are extensive and include multiple water features, gardens, sculptures, and lots of outdoor dining spaces. With two three-year-olds in our party, we spent almost no time looking at the art... Read more →

Three years ago I went to see Yayoi Kusama's "Love is Calling" installation at the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) here in Boston. At the time, I was pregnant with my son. And this past weekend, we stopped by the ICA to say goodbye to the exhibit (its time in Boston is over). It was my son's first Yayoi Kusama experience (but hopefully not his last). I've been lucky enough to experience a few other Yayoi Kusama installations in the past. It's always fun to be surrounded by color and pattern! While we were at the ICA, we peeked at... Read more →

As I mentioned in my previous posts (part one and part two), back in April, I spent an afternoon at the MFA (Museum of Fine Arts) here in Boston. We saw 3 notable things: The Turner Exhibit Art in Bloom The Philip Guston Exhibit My first post covered my experience of the Turner Exhibit. My second post took a look at Art in Bloom 2022. And now, we finally get to my surprise favorite: Philip Guston. I had seen Philip Guston's later work in many museums over the years. So I was familiar with him. But this exhibit took a... Read more →

Have you heard the news about the new Vincent van Gogh painting discovered by the National Galleries of Scotland? "Hidden from view for over a century, the self-portrait is on the back of the canvas with Head of a Peasant Woman and is covered by layers of glue and cardboard," the museum said in a statement on Thursday. You can read this NPR article about it. It's such an exciting discovery and a fascinating conservation/restoration problem. Reading about it made me want to revisit some of the beautiful van Gogh artwork that I've had the opportunity to see over the... Read more →

As I mentioned in my last post, back in April, I spent an afternoon at the MFA (Museum of Fine Arts) here in Boston. We saw 3 notable things: The Turner Exhibit Art in Bloom The Philip Guston Exhibit My previous post covered my experience of the Turner Exhibit. Today, I'm going to share some of my photos from Art in Bloom 2022. If you're not familiar with "Art in Bloom," it's an event that many different museums host. In essentials, different florists and/or garden clubs are assigned works of art. Their mission is to create a floral arrangement in... Read more →

Back in April, I spent an afternoon at the MFA (Museum of Fine Arts) here in Boston. I used to go to the museum once a week, but since having a baby and the age of COVID...well, I have not been a frequent visitor. So it felt good to roam around the familiar halls now stocked with different art in many cases. Mom and Steve came with me and we saw 3 notable things: The Turner Exhibit Art in Bloom The Philip Guston Exhibit The short and skinny on the visit is: I am not a Turner fan. Art in... Read more →

If you're a long time blog reader, you know that I used to live just a few blocks away from the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City and was a frequent visitor to its galleries. MoMA has an outstanding collection of pieces by Henri Matisse -- one of my all time favorite artists. (Be sure to check out the Book Club video about the book, Matisse on Art.) Currently, MoMA has an exhibit all about his painting, "The Red Studio." It wasn't a painting that I was immediately drawn to. In a room full of Matisse paintings,... Read more →

This past weekend my local quilt guild held its biennial quilt show. (Special shout out to blog reader, Martha, for coming by to say hello when I was working the mini quilt table!) I thought I'd share a peek at some of my favorite quilts (and quilted pieces) from the show: There was a great mix of traditional and art quilts. I, personally, tend to gravitate towards the art quilts -- which you can see in these photos. Here are links to some of the quilters websites/social media where I could find them. I also included links to the quilt... Read more →