Today I'm sharing my current 2023 favorite stamp carving tools. If you have any supply questions, feel free to ask! Here's the list: Speedy Carve Plastic Photo Boxes Self Healing Cutting Mat or Glass Mat Clear Grid Ruler Clear Grid Ruler with a Metal Edge Speedball Linoleum Cutter Kit Flexcut Mini Palm Tools Permapaque Dual Tipped Markers Bone Folder Box Cutter Clear Stamp Blocks Carve December Work Book class Archival Ink Pads VersaFine Clair Ink Pads I hope you'll join in on the fun! Thanks for stopping by! Read more →

It's time to prepare for #CarveDecember2023! Here are the official prompts: What is #CarveDecember? It's a free-open-to-everyone online challenge to carve a stamp every day in December and post it online. Why would I do this? Here are a few reasons: Skill Development: Daily practice in stamp carving throughout the month can significantly enhance your skills. You'll have the opportunity to experiment with different carving techniques and develop your expertise. Creativity Boost: The daily requirement encourages you to think creatively and push your boundaries. When you have to come up with a new piece every day, you're more likely to... Read more →

During yesterday's Book Club, we tackled Beginner's Guide to Abstract Art by Laura Reiter. The short version of the video is: I share my impressions, highlighting the book's shallow but useful content, the absence of detailed instructions, and its value for adventurous beginners. You can watch the replay below: Here are some of the things I shared during Book Club: And here are some takeaways for you from the video: Keep a Notebook: Maintaining a notebook of some kind is crucial for artists to capture and process ideas, thoughts, and inspirations. Use your notebook to document what you see, think,... Read more →

Studio Snippet #30: Scrap Packs

Hey friends! Today I thought we'd chat a bit about scrap packs and how they can be a help in your art practice. I make scrap packs about 4 times a year -- usually when my collage paper has gotten out of control. But, more than just a way to declutter, scrap packs can significantly boost your creativity. What Are Scrap Packs? Scrap packs are bundles of various collage papers. These papers can be of different types, including book pages, tissue paper, deli paper, and more. The beauty of scrap packs lies in their diversity; they bring together a mix... Read more →

October's #PrintInktober2023 manifesto was to see how many different ways I could use the Bauhaus Set I designed for Art Foamies. I had a lot of fun over the month and learned a few things along the way, but more on that later. Here are days 23-31: All of these original one-of-a-kind artworks on paper are for sale. So if you want one, send me an email letting me know which one and I'll get it matted and in the mail to you. For Day 31, I printed directly on a t-shirt for my three-year-old: If you want to see... Read more →

Happy October! We have had some wild weather around here with a few days in the 70s and 80s. But Boston has come back to its senses and it's rainy and cold again. Family News Today is my 1st wedding anniversary! In all the best ways, it feels like Steve and I have been married forever. I am so grateful to have found a second chance at love with such a sweet and kind partner. Work News I'm currently participating in a critique group run by the Cambridge Art Association. I'm doing my best to take advantage of the situation... Read more →

I have finally found the words for what I'm doing this month: improvisational printmaking. In case you don't know, this month's #PrintInktober2023 manifesto is to see how many different ways I can use the Bauhaus Set I designed for Art Foamies. Normally, printmaking involves a lot of planning and set up. But these prints I'm making are built layer-by-layer without envisioning a final outcome. Instead, I'm very much in the moment, making decisions as the print develops. Usually I come to the table with a single idea such as: use triangles. And then I respond to the piece as it... Read more →

Hello! My son had a birthday party about a month before his actual birthday because he is a Thanksgiving baby. And, as you know, everyone is busy with their families at Thanksgiving. So we teamed up with some friends who are all turning 4 this Fall and had a joint birthday party that his entire preschool class was invited to. I made him two things for the party: a birthday shirt... ...and a cake (kind of). I didn't bake it. Rather, I took a supermarket cake and did a mini makeover on it. Today I'm sharing a video detailing the... Read more →