I looooove making books of all kinds. Today I thought I'd share a short tutorial for a no-sew book you can make with just paper and a pair of scissors. I'm planning to use mine as small art journals/sketchbooks. These also make great gifts! Watch the video for the how-to: My class, "A Year of Gelatin Printing" shares 14 different bookbinding tutorials -- some simple and some complex. If you love bookbinding, I hope you'll check it out! Thanks for stopping by! Read more →

If you're one of those people pouring your paint water down your sink, check out today's post. There are a lot of different methods for safely disposing of acrylic paint water so that it doesn't clog your drain or end up in the ground water. One that works is the Golden Crash Paint Solids Water Cleaning System. Watch the video to see how it works: You can purchase it online or from my art supply shops that carry Golden products. You can make your own version of this system. Watch this video for the how-to: This is an (almost) free... Read more →

If you know me, you know that I looooove place cards. However, we will only be four people at this year's Thanksgiving and so there's really no need for place cards. But I wanted to add something homemade to the table decor. I finally settled on utensil pockets and they are my new favorite thing to make. So fun! I plan to create many many variations for every possible holiday. Take a peek: And I put together a tutorial video that takes you through the process. It's really so easy and so customizable. Make these from scrapbook paper, hand painted... Read more →

I am vending at two upcoming holiday markets. The first one is for the Watertown Business Coalition's Fall Fest on Thursday. The second is for the Whoville Jubilee on December 3. To prepare for the markets, I've been making things, packaging things, and getting everything ready. In my experience, at the markets I sell at, most people are interested in smaller and lower priced items. Impulse buy kind of stuff. So, one of the things I've been making a ton of is one-of-a-kind handmade greeting cards! Plus some hand printed sets of block printed cards: I like to finish all... Read more →

As it turns out, "Creative Stamping with Mixed Media Techniques" is not really a stamping book. And it's very similar to the other Sherrill Kahn book we explored back in April. Nonetheless, I had some fun exploring some of her ideas for surface design and layering. If you missed the replay, I hope you'll check it out: By far, my favorite thing from the whole book was the glazing samples. I'm so glad that I made my own. Swatching can feel like busy work, especially if you don't regularly use your swatches. But I find them to be enormous time... Read more →

In honor of #PrintInktober and all things stamp related, I thought I'd share 3 videos from the archives that focus on stamps. First up is a video all about how to create watercolor prints with a foam stamp: Next up, a stamp carving video! This one shows how I turn my "garbage" rubber into magical little blocks: And finally, a tutorial on simple stamped and masked Valentine's Day Cards (the sound quality is not great on this one): Before I go, a quick reminder that Book Club is tomorrow! We will be discussing Creative Stamping with Mixed Media Techniques by... Read more →

Fun fact: Before I was a painter or a collagist or even a scrapbooker, there were beads. In fact, I stumbled into A.C. Moore for the first time because I was looking for beads. Here's a peek at just a few of the pieces I've made over the years -- a lot of the photography is old and not great quality: Bead weaving and bead embroidery remain activities that I really enjoy doing. It's extremely relaxing and meditative work. Plus beads are small and make a perfect travel art project. Today, as part of my ongoing series of basic art... Read more →

The Artful Holiday class is going strong with lots of fabulous projects, techniques, and ideas for you! On Monday, I shared how to print and construct this paper vase: Kim said, "Such an adorable project, at first I didn’t think I’d love it….BUT I DO!!!! The cork one was quite stunning!" On Tuesday, Sarah Matthews shared how to make your own stamp, print your custom patterned paper, and then turn it into this fabulous ornament: Vicki said, "I loved this class and made one with 3/4 in squares! Addicted ❤️" On Wednesday, I shared TWO mash-up projects. Every Wednesday, I... Read more →

Today's topic was prompted by a member question. Each month members ask questions and request demos for that month's livestream. In July a member asked for what to do with dried out markers. Do you have any dried out markers in your collection? Instead of tossing them, why not try reviving them? Watch the video for the how-to: This video is part of an ongoing series of videos I'm doing all about basic art techniques you should know. If there's anything in particular you'd like to know, do let me know in the comments section. Thanks for stopping by! Read more →

Have you ever thought about etching glass? It's super easy to do and takes almost no time. Here's what you need: Etching Cream Tape Adhesive-Backed Flexible Stencil -- I made my own from adhesive-backed vinyl, but you can buy pre-made stencils too. Rubber Gloves Access to Running Water Glass Object Timer Good Ventilation Optional: Apron The process is simple: Place the adhesive-backed flexible stencil on your glass object. Tape off any areas not covered by the stencil and which you do not wish to be etched. Put on your gloves. Make sure you're in a well-ventilated area and near running... Read more →