Collagraphy is a printmaking technique that involves creating a collaged plate from various materials and then using it to make prints. Here is the basic how-to: Gather materials: Start by collecting materials for your collagraph plate. You can use a variety of items such as cardboard, textured papers, fabric scraps, string, leaves, or any other materials that have interesting textures or patterns. Choose a base: Select a sturdy base material for your collagraph plate. A thick piece of cardboard or mat board works well. Make sure it is large enough to accommodate the size of print you want to create.... Read more →

This week's studio visit is an experiment I did with a technique I had read about. But, let me start at the very beginning of the story.... During March's Member Livestream, I was demonstrating how to do magazine image transfers on the gelatin plate. I attempted to do one with an old Life Magazine and it didn't work. I mentioned, somewhat off-handedly, that you can do other kinds of transfers with Life Magazine. This is true. In the past, I've done a traditional gel medium transfer with images from Life Magazine. In a somewhat synchronistic moment, I came across some... Read more →

I'm starting a new weekly series that I hope to continue throughout 2023: Studio Visits! These are very short (2-5 minute) videos about something I'm working on in the studio. They will be random, fun, mostly informative, and hopefully something you'll enjoy. Without any further ado, here is the first one -- it's all about gelatin printing on garbage paper. PS: If you love the stencil in the video... ...it's this month's SVG file for Maker & Super Learner Members. Here's the print I liked the best: Although I made a few that aren't in the video and this grungy... Read more →

Yesterday's Book Club was super fun, as always! We discussed Modern Block Printing by Rowan Sivyer. You can listen to my Adventures in Arting podcast interview with Rowan from 2020, HERE. And if you didn't get a chance to catch Book Club live, here's the replay: Here is the stamp I carved during Book Club: If you're interested in learning more about printmaking, I hope you'll consider coming to Printmakers Party in June. You can find all of my in-person classes HERE. And all of my online stamp carving classes HERE. The March-April Book Clubs are going to be a... Read more →

Here's an easy formula that you can use to make a variety of Valentine's Day cards. It may seem like a super loose formula, but that's because it really works every single time! Here are six cards I made using this formula: And here's one that doesn't work, in my opinion. I believe it's because I veered off of the formula and the percentage of embellishments is too great. If it didn't have the gold thread, it would probably fit right in! Here's the video version of this tutorial: Which card is your favorite? Read more →

Six years ago I made a video about how to create simple, but gorgeous masked gelatin printed hearts. And now I'm taking that idea and creating some Valentine's Day wrapping paper! I didn't use the exact same technique (I mean, what's the fun in that?) but it is very similar. One important new skill I teach in the video is how to use a small plate for a (fairly) seamless pattern on large piece of paper. You can watch the video for the how-to: Supplies: Paper Bag Scissors Copy Paper Gelatin Plate Brayer Baren Acrylic Paint Tape Scrap Paper/Deli Paper... Read more →

In case you missed the Design Boot Camp Taster session and you're curious about what it's all about, here's the replay: In this "taster" video, I am sharing how an understanding of VALUE can help you bring your artwork together and understand HOW to make changes to your artwork that make an IMPACT. If you have trouble making decisions, you will be very interested in how VALUE can help you! Things to know about Design Boot Camp: Boot Camp runs February 7, 2023 - March 7, 2023. We will meet twice a week (Tuesdays and Fridays 7pm-9pm EST) over Zoom.... Read more →

I looooove making books of all kinds. Today I thought I'd share a short tutorial for a no-sew book you can make with just paper and a pair of scissors. I'm planning to use mine as small art journals/sketchbooks. These also make great gifts! Watch the video for the how-to: My class, "A Year of Gelatin Printing" shares 14 different bookbinding tutorials -- some simple and some complex. If you love bookbinding, I hope you'll check it out! Thanks for stopping by! Read more →

If you're one of those people pouring your paint water down your sink, check out today's post. There are a lot of different methods for safely disposing of acrylic paint water so that it doesn't clog your drain or end up in the ground water. One that works is the Golden Crash Paint Solids Water Cleaning System. Watch the video to see how it works: You can purchase it online or from my art supply shops that carry Golden products. You can make your own version of this system. Watch this video for the how-to: This is an (almost) free... Read more →

If you know me, you know that I looooove place cards. However, we will only be four people at this year's Thanksgiving and so there's really no need for place cards. But I wanted to add something homemade to the table decor. I finally settled on utensil pockets and they are my new favorite thing to make. So fun! I plan to create many many variations for every possible holiday. Take a peek: And I put together a tutorial video that takes you through the process. It's really so easy and so customizable. Make these from scrapbook paper, hand painted... Read more →