Have you heard of artist Margo Hoff? This is her bio from the David Cook Galleries website: A prolific artist, Margo Hoff's exquisite style evolved throughout her career yet was always rooted in the events, people, and places in her life. The human experience was her sole focus, expressed through her eyes alone. Born in 1910 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Hoff began creating white, clay animals at a young age, giving them to her friends and family. At eleven she contracted typhoid fever and was bedridden for a summer. During her convalescence, she drew and made cutouts, and it was during... Read more →

I finished up the piece I started during April's Member Livestream by adding a bit of hand stitching. I guess the stitching on my small quilt pieces is "catching." ;) In all seriousness, I think it makes sense that all the different projects I work on influence each other. Why wouldn't they?! You can see that I added both french knots and simple running stitches. I used one of my favorite stencils, Cut Outs... ...and you can see that it looks like a lovely botanical here: I also used my "Croquet" Art Foamie... ...for some subtle visual texture. In fact,... Read more →

I made some more small wall quilts! Remember this quilt top that I couldn't decide what to do with because I didn't like it that much? Well, you can probably tell, I chopped it up to create the base for 3 of these pieces. I'm enjoying exploring these small (8"x8") pieces. I brought them to a improv quilting critique group that I belong to and I was heartened by the group's response to them. I don't think that a quilt purist would be okay with the raw edges or the way they're mounted to canvas or the lack of intense... Read more →

I'm diving into a new area of artwork. (What an exciting sentence to write, btw!) If you've followed this blog for a while, you know that I love to make quilt tops, but I hate to quilt them. Case-in-point, this one has been in my drawer for more than a year (and has the wrinkles to prove it): I also love hand embroidery. Well, I'm mushing the two together: quilt tops that aren't quilted + hand embroidery. These are 8x8 "canvases." In essentials, I made a mini quilt top, added batting, and then wrapped it around a canvas. I'm really... Read more →

Check out how cute this fleece ugly monster doll is! This is a project that Michaels hired me to do and by their request I have the full tutorial in my instagram stories (follow the link and click on my face). I hope you'll check it out! Thanks for stopping by! --- P.S. The Member Livestream is tomorrow (Wednesday) night and ScanNCut: CanvasWorkspace for Mac is on Thursday night. Read more →

Back in November I took a one-day live online class with quilter, Sarah Bond. It was called "Coming Full Circle" and it was all about making different kinds of super cool circle designs, as in this photo from her instagram: Or this one of my laptop during class: I decided to use fabrics and rules from the Modern Quilt Guild QuiltCon Together Floral & Vine challenge while learning how to make these circles. I figured that way I could kill two birds with one stone: learn something and make something for the challenge. It didn't quite work out that way,... Read more →

This post is from February 2014. Learning to put in a zipper is one of the best skills I've ever learned. It's extremely useful and easier than you think! Given that it's New Year's Eve, what crafty skill are you hoping to learn in 2021? ---- I've been wanting to learn how to put in a zipper forever. I find the whole thing very intimidating. But, last weekend I was bound and determined to make it happen! I googled a million tutorials and finally found one that made sense to me. It's from a woman named Debbie Shore: Of course,... Read more →

As I mentioned on Friday, I took two classes with Deborah Boschert over the weekend. I had a lot of fun. They were exactly the self-care I needed. This is the palette of fabrics that I chose for myself: Interestingly, I posted a picture of this palette to my instagram stories and asked people if they thought it was a cohesive palette. About half the people (including Deborah) said, "No." I find that fascinating. To me, it looks super cohesive and fun to work with. But we are all different artists and I'm sure it looks like a hot mess... Read more →

My Weekend Plans: Two Classes with Deborah Boschert

I have a fabulous weekend planned for myself. I am going to take two one-day classes via Zoom with Quilt Artist, Deborah Boschert. Here's a short video she put together about one of them -- it's called "Captivating Compositions": And here is a video about the other class: I will be sure to report back next week, but I thought I'd share a few of the videos from Deborah's YouTube channel that are related to class. This one is about how to prepare your fabric for fusible collage: I've ironed plenty of Wonder Under to fabric, but I had no... Read more →

I belong to a quilt guild called The Cambridge Modern Quilt Guild. Recently, they issued a challenge to the membership: Quilts should represent what modern quilting means to each maker. Ideas of techniques that typically appear in modern quilts include: Negative Space Improvisational Piecing Minimalism Alternate Gridwork Modern Traditionalism (Updating a traditional quilt block or theme in a modern way) Quilts must include a piece of Enchanted, the Kona Cotton 2020 Color of the Year. We were each sent a small piece of "Enchanted." I started sketching and came up with a design. It actually came together quite quickly. But... Read more →