Scan N Cut

I'm a little bit overly excited about today's project! I was told that I needed to create something that mashed together Steampunk, vintage, and Paris. This little project is what I came up with! Paris is obviously called forth in the Eiffel Tower and I used vintage French book pages. I'm going to give myself a pass on the Steampunk by claiming the metal rings as part of the piece. I built this 3-D sculpture from one of the built-in cut files in my ScanNCut and in the video I show you how you can too: And here's another look... Read more →

I spent three days in New Jersey this week at Brother Headquarters for some meetings and making-stuff-time. I thought I'd share five photos from the trip (and I'm cheating a bit because the first two are more than one photo stuck together, but you'll forgive me, won't you?). We made stuff... Shrink plastic that got stuck together during the shrinking on the left (but still cool) and painted deli paper (yes, the ScanNCut will cut painted deli paper) on the right. We ate and drank stuff... Tiny (and delicious) desserts up top (must take a photo for Project Life) and... Read more →