As I mentioned to weekly newsletter subscribers several weeks ago, I was hoping to make the time to create some sort of non-fire related Hanukkah countdown thing for my son. Well, I finally figured out a simple project that would work for his age and interest level, but still work for us as a family down the road. Plus, it's pretty. Inside each of the little houses is a small toy and a piece of Hanukkah gelt. After we light the candles each night, he can untie the bow on top of the appropriately labeled little house to release the... Read more →

This week during the ScanNCut Club livestream I did a long demo all about embossing on metal using the ScanNCut and I remembered that back in 2015, I had put together a great short video all about how to emboss with metal tape and stencils. This video is six years old, but the technique is still super relevant: You can read the original post and see some more stencil ideas HERE. And, here are a few more related posts from the archives that you might find useful: Embossed Foam Distress Paint Tutorial: Embossed Foil Tape Words: Embossed Tin Ornaments: Let... Read more →

Don't let the alphabet soup title of this post scare you! It's important to understand file extensions so that you can create all of the magical projects you dream up. FCM - This is the proprietary file extension that the ScanNCut uses for cutting data. PES - This is a machine embroidery file extension. I like to use a program called Simply Applique in order to help my ScanNCut and my Brother embroidery machine "talk" to each other in order to make projects like this: In the video in this post I share how to take a PES embroidery file...... Read more →

I do a lot of teaching. And I love it! But I know it can get confusing as to what your options are. You can always visit the Event Calendar to get an easy visual of what events are on the horizon. This is a screenshot of what the Event Calendar looks like. You can even directly add events to your own calendar from it! How cool is that?! Here's the scoop for October: PRINT•INKTOBER LIVE You don't have to be a stamp carver to love this class. I'm sharing lots of techniques and ideas that work for rubber, foam,... Read more →

When I found a plain black fabric tote bag for $1.99 at a big box store, I knew that I could use my ScanNCut to transform it into a fabulous one-of-a-kind trick-or-treat bag! I designed the cut file in Adobe Illustrator and then used the ScanNCut Link Plug-In to wirelessly transfer it over to my ScanNCut. The most difficult decision I had to make was which color of Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) to use to cut out the design. You can choose from all kinds of colors and finishes (glitter, holographic, flocked) and even glow-in-the-dark varieties! In the end, I... Read more →

CanvasWorkspace is so many things that it can be confusing. For example: CanvasWorkspace is a 100% free program that allows you to create and edit files for your ScanNCut. CanvasWorkspace is the gateway for many of the ScanNCut add-ons and upgrades, such as the Roll Feeder. CanvasWorkspace offers you dozens of 100% free project with instructions and cut files. CanvasWorkspace is where you can unlock additional cut files from Disney, Tattered Lace, and other designers, once you’ve purchased them. There’s no doubt that CanvasWorkspace is extremely useful and definitely worth your time getting to know how it works. Today I... Read more →

I've added something new for you ScanNCut fans: a YouTube Channel membership. I'm calling it "ScanNCut Club." Here's what you get for $19.99/month: Loyalty badges: There are six different badges, and each one highlights how long a viewer has been a member of the channel. Custom Emojis: These are exclusive custom emojis that can be posted in video comments or used during any of my live chats. Photos and status updates: There is a "community" tab on YouTube and every month I will share ScanNCut-related content that is only available to YouTube Channel Members. Members-only live stream: Each month there... Read more →

This is a technique that was suggested to me by a Balzer Designs Monthly Member and I think it's brilliant! Look at my gorgeous rhinestoned bat... ...but the secret is: I haven't used any rhinestones! Yes, that's right: You can quickly and easily get the look of rhinestones without ever using a rhinestone. Instead of crystals, you use holographic Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) and the results are stunning. You actually have to run your fingers over it to discover that there are no rhinestones there! These "flat rhinestones" created by cutting holographic HTV into small circles, are perfect for situations... Read more →

At the moment, my son is 100% obsessed with vehicles. His happiest moments are when we stand on the sidewalk by a busy street and watch the traffic go by. He points at every single truck and car that passes and says, "caaah." It's adorable. To celebrate his deep love of all vehicles, I decided to make him a t-shirt. Here it is: I used some leftover scraps of colored Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) for the colored bits in this design. HTV can be a bit expensive, so I always try to minimize waste and I keep all of my... Read more →

If you're new to Art Journal Every Day, the concept is simple: It's a commitment to take ten minutes each day to do something in your art journal. No need to finish anything or even like it. It's about making the time to nourish your creativity every day! If you have the time to flip through your phone, you have the time to Art Journal Every Day. If you'd like to share what you make, use the hashtag #artjournaleveryday so that we can all take a peek. Way back in June 2014, I made a wire bound junque journal using... Read more →