Stamp Carving

As you know, I have been hosting an annual carve-a-stamp-a-day challenge (aka #CarveDecember) in December since 2014! The challenge will continue for FREE this December. It's time to order your rubber! :) As always, everyone is welcome to join. New stamp carvers will develop their skills quickly and experienced stamp carvers will sharpen those skills. Everyone will connect with new friends. Here are the basics: Carve a stamp. Print it. Post the print to instagram. Use the hashtag #CarveDecember. Here is a quick side note about the hashtag. A wholesaler of carved stones has been spamming the tag for months... Read more →

Hello! Yesterday we had a very fun Book Club stream, chatting about my book, Carve Stamp Play. I also did a complete step-by-step demo of carving a stamp (in real time) during the stream. For those of you who have never carved or need a refresher, you might find it useful. Here's the replay of the live event: Links: Speedy Carve Speedball Carving Tool Stamp Carving Super Bundle Permapaque Markers And a few things I made during the stream: #CarveDecember 2021 information will be posted in tomorrow's blog post! The next Book Club will be on January 12, 2022 at... Read more →

I do a lot of teaching. And I love it! But I know it can get confusing as to what your options are. You can always visit the Event Calendar to get an easy visual of what events are on the horizon. This is a screenshot of what the Event Calendar looks like. You can even directly add events to your own calendar from it! How cool is that?! Here's the scoop for October: PRINT•INKTOBER LIVE You don't have to be a stamp carver to love this class. I'm sharing lots of techniques and ideas that work for rubber, foam,... Read more →

Happy Monday! I wanted to share the three demo projects I did during Friday night's #PrintInktober class. The topic was printing on fabric (you can watch the replay now in the online classroom). We covered 4 different fabric mediums for printing and used all kinds of stamps -- hand carved, commercial rubber stamps, silicone stamps, and foam stamps (handmade and commercial). We printed on light fabric, dark fabric, and a t-shirt. Take a peek: Printing on fabric is one of my favorite things to do. It has a lot of impact and printed t-shirts, aprons, and tote bags make fabulous... Read more →

We are about a week into #Printinktober 2021! I wanted to share what I've been making with you -- most of these are short fun videos. (These videos and images are embedded from instagram. If you are reading this on email and can't see them, click HERE.) I have also been posting some short videos to my Facebook page. You can see a #PrintInktober one HERE. Finally, here are some of the prints from the first #PrintInktober class, all about making patterns with your existing stamps: You can watch the lesson right now in the online classroom. The second #Printinktober... Read more →

This is a post that I have been meaning to write for a long time and I finally sat down and filmed the tutorial for you. Yay! These are pouches made from laminating sheets. The stamping goes on the inside of the laminating pouch so that it doesn't chip or rub off. This is a super fun and easy project. You can watch the short (4 min) video for the full tutorial: LINKS: laminating sheets laminator Art Foamies A Year of Gelatin Printing Plastic Snap kit Here are some supply substitutions that you might find useful: No laminator: I think... Read more →

As you may know, I decided that my #PrintInktober goal is to make hand printed papers that I can use to make Christmas cards. I thought I would show you how much you can do with one sheet of paper. I followed the pattern building principles I taught in lesson one of the #PrintInktober class to create this bold pattern: And here are the six cards I made with that one sheet of hand patterned paper: The original print was 8.5x11" and the cards are all 5x7." I actually was amazed by how far that single sheet went. I originally... Read more →

I'm so excited! Just one more day until #PrintInktober -- the annual daily challenge to get your stamps out of storage and into play -- begins! As a reminder, the challenge is free and open to everyone. If you want a bit of extra direction and some helpful instruction, join me for the #PrintInktober class. It's priced at $45 -- way below most of my other classes. It's a steal! :) Speaking of theft, I stole some tips from the #PrintInktober online classroom to share with you today. These are a few ways that you can plan ahead for the... Read more →

A Year of Gelatin Printing: Stamps & Texture Plates

There's still plenty of time to join in on the gelatin printing party! "I love how you teach Julie.. simple, thorough, really suits my style of not measuring and winging it! Thanks!" -- Robin "I love this next step in my gelli printing. It’s actually OK to be free and play. I just paint over something that doesn’t strike my fancy instead of being discouraged. Who knew!?! Thanks!!!!!!" -- Jeanne Printing with acrylic paint and stamps and texture plates -- commercial and hand made -- is tons of fun. Making stamps and texture plates is also incredibly fun! And I'm... Read more →

Some #CarveDecember Faves!

Today I wanted to share just a few of my personal favorites from the hundreds and hundreds of hand carved stamps that people made in December as part of #CarveDecember. (These images are embedded from instagram. If you don't see them, click HERE to view this post on the web.) At the moment, there are almost 20,000 #CarveDecember posts. If you're looking for inspiration, it's a great hashtag to visit. There are drawings/illustrations, patterns, color choices, style many things to inspire you, even if you never carve a stamp. Finally, if you haven't read the rave reviews for the... Read more →