Stamp Carving

I looooove patterning. I took that same stamp set I carved a few weeks ago... ...and I created a quick pattern on paper using just three of the blocks: Then I used a section of that paper to make this cute little card: I feel like I could use this stamp set every day and still come up with new arrangements. To jog your memory, here are some previous patterns -- on fabric and paper: To learn more about designing stamps that create crazy cool patterns and how to print on fabric, check out my live online class about it... Read more →

Over the weekend I took that stamp set I carved last week... ...and I used it to print a black piece of fabric and some paper. You may recall that this was the initial print I shared last week: Here is my first alternative print -- on black fabric: And my second and third -- on paper: I turned the paper prints into cards: As you can see, it's easy to use the blocks for either fabric or paper. You can learn more about my upcoming live online block printing class HERE. Thanks for stopping by! Read more →

As I mentioned earlier this week, I'm teaching a live online week-long class on Zoom. In class you will learn how to design and carve a coordinating stamp set, like this one: ...and then print it on fabric: You can absolutely use these techniques to print on paper as well. This is a week-long LIVE online class conducted through Zoom over three days: Monday, July 27, 11am - 1pm -- Designing your multi-part image and carving your blocks. Wednesday, July 29, 11am - 1pm -- Continuing to carve, troubleshooting your blocks and test printing. Friday, July 31, 11am -1pm --... Read more →

If you're new to Art Journal Every Day, there is a short introduction here. All of the previous posts can be found archived here. Remember, it's just ten minutes of nourishing your creative self every day! No need to finish anything or even like it. If you've done some art journaling this week, use the hashtag #artjournaleveryday so that we can all take a peek. Even if you're not on social media, you can see everything (from twitter, pinterest, instagram, and facebook) that uses that hashtag here. If you've ever looked at my art journal pages, you know that I... Read more →

On today's podcast I'm talking to Susana McDonnell aka @linocaveprints about her relationship with Speedball Art Supplies, her previous life as a glass blower, creating with a kid, the instagram challenge #printersolstice, and her beautiful geometric art prints! If you do not see the podcast player above, please click on this link. You can listen to a podcast anywhere and at any time. It is a recording that is available to you whenever you'd like to listen. You can stream and subscribe through Apple Music or wherever you get your podcasts. I like to listen to podcasts while I'm making... Read more →

December is over (in fact, January is almost over), which means #CarveDecember is long gone. I wanted to make sure to share the last few December stamps with you. I'm still impressed with myself that I carved 31 rotating repeat stamps in 31 days with a newborn. All of the stamps are about one inch in size and took me less than 30 minutes to design, carve, and print. Here are days 24-31: On December 25, I printed the same stamp in black and white and color and the difference is amazing! I share how to create custom colored prints... Read more →

I've got another round of daily rotating repeat stamps to share with you. All of these stamps are about one inch or smaller and took me less than 30 minutes to design, carve, and print. Here are days 18-23: You may recall that back in 2015, I bought and tried out the FlexCut Micro-Palm Cutters Set. I didn't like them. And so they have sat in a drawer since then. Well, I decided it was time to bring them back out and give them another try. Everything from this point on was carved with the FlexCut tools! I struggled with... Read more →

Hey guys! I'm so pleased and proud to say that I've got another round of daily stamps to share with you. Here are days 10-17: A few thoughts: I've been concerned that I'm "only" doing rotating repeat stamps. I kept asking myself: Do I need to branch out? But then I decided it was adding more stress to think about branching out. By having limited parameters -- a small rotating repeat stamp every day -- the design time is quick and the stamp gets done. This is one of the reasons I love challenges and kits and other things that... Read more →

Miracle of miracles, I have actually managed to keep up with #CarveDecember! It's a miracle! In all seriousness, I have managed to keep up with #CarveDecember because: I set a time limit for myself: no more than 30 minutes to design, carve, and print each stamp. I have kept the stamps small and simple. Most of them are one inch or less and the designs and prints are rough. Doing something artistic every day makes me feel like myself rather than a sleep deprived breast feeding zombie. Because it makes me feel good to make art, I make the effort... Read more →

In case you don't know what #CarveDecember is, here's the gist: WHAT: Every day in December we carve a stamp and post it online. WHO: Everyone is welcome to join. New stamp carvers will develop their skills quickly and experienced stamp carvers will sharpen those skills. Everyone will connect with new friends! HOW: Post a photo of the stamp you've carved to your instagram account. Use the hashtag #CarveDecember so that everyone in the group can find what you've done. In my experience, the #CarveDecember crew is warm and generous. Here's a quick list of things you can do to... Read more →