Studio Visits

For today's studio visit, I'm sharing a bit about my approach to making art with my three-year-old. It's worth noting that every child is unique, and what works for us may not work for others. Each child has their own preferences, interests, and developmental stages. So, I always pay attention to my son's cues and adapt our art-making experiences accordingly. Here are the basic ideas from the video: Thoughtfully choosing tools and materials: By providing your child with tools and materials that are easy for them to handle, you're setting them up for success. This could include paintbrushes, crayons, markers,... Read more →

It's no secret that I loooooove my gull wing drying rack. It's such an efficient way to air-dry my collage papers. It offers great value for the money, folds up flat, and means that I'm not constantly elbow deep in wet papers. I put together a short video all about it. Plus, take a peek through my collage papers and hear my thoughts on them: You'll note that in the video I chat a bit about the kinds of collage papers I like to make. This is something that I'm currently covering extensively in my Collage Faces class. In essentials,... Read more →

Collagraphy is a printmaking technique that involves creating a collaged plate from various materials and then using it to make prints. Here is the basic how-to: Gather materials: Start by collecting materials for your collagraph plate. You can use a variety of items such as cardboard, textured papers, fabric scraps, string, leaves, or any other materials that have interesting textures or patterns. Choose a base: Select a sturdy base material for your collagraph plate. A thick piece of cardboard or mat board works well. Make sure it is large enough to accommodate the size of print you want to create.... Read more →

Lately, I've been doing a lot of redacted art work. I start with a painting and then add something contrasting over it. This could look realistic or be totally abstract. As you probably know, my art journal of choice is a self-made "junque journal" -- created with leftover bits and bobs from my art studio. I prefer a junque journal because I hate starting with a blank page. This particular journal I'm working in happens to have a lot of white paper in it. So, I've been giving myself an underpainting to react to. You can watch the process in... Read more →

I use deli paper a lot to make my art. It's strong, comes in big sheets, and is cheap. I often buy thousands of sheets of it at once. I like to go through my desk-side deli paper stash once a month and decide if the paper is ready to be used or if it needs more layers. To decide if a sheet is finished, I ask myself: "Would I cut it up and use it today or does it need more layers?" I look for bold graphics and intense colors with lots of coverage. If the paper doesn't have... Read more →

This week's studio visit is an experiment I did with a technique I had read about. But, let me start at the very beginning of the story.... During March's Member Livestream, I was demonstrating how to do magazine image transfers on the gelatin plate. I attempted to do one with an old Life Magazine and it didn't work. I mentioned, somewhat off-handedly, that you can do other kinds of transfers with Life Magazine. This is true. In the past, I've done a traditional gel medium transfer with images from Life Magazine. In a somewhat synchronistic moment, I came across some... Read more →

I made a stencil. It didn't work. And so I fixed it! So much of success in art is perseverance, I think. I hope this video will motivate you to keep pushing through, even when you don't like the results. It’s a reminder that failure isn't the end, but just a step on the way to success. And here's a peek at some gorgeous prints using my fabulous new stencil and mask: I'm thinking that I might cut out some smaller versions of this design to use as well. Lots of possibilities! PS: As I mentioned in the video, Maker... Read more →

Check out this video for an exclusive studio visit as I chat through my collage process. I love to combine colorful little bits of paper to create stunning face collages. Here's the face I made in the video: Are you ready to learn how to make your own stunning face collage? Visit this link to take my Collage Face class and start making your own amazing pieces! Thanks for stopping by! Read more →

Are you curious about what goes on in my studio? In the video, I'm working on a monotype collage. See the techniques I use, the decisions I make, and the thought process that goes into creating layered artwork. Would you like to watch the full, real-time version of this creative process? Super Learner Members get unlimited access to all of my real-time videos. Sign up now and discover the best tips, tricks and techniques to become a better artist. And now here's a closer look at this monotype collage: It's part of a series of pieces I've been doing that... Read more →

I'm starting a new weekly series that I hope to continue throughout 2023: Studio Visits! These are very short (2-5 minute) videos about something I'm working on in the studio. They will be random, fun, mostly informative, and hopefully something you'll enjoy. Without any further ado, here is the first one -- it's all about gelatin printing on garbage paper. PS: If you love the stencil in the video...'s this month's SVG file for Maker & Super Learner Members. Here's the print I liked the best: Although I made a few that aren't in the video and this grungy... Read more →