What I Wore

I spy sketchy faces on these beautiful clothes from fashion brand, Chloe: Now you know what I'm going to say: you don't need to go out and spend a million dollars on fancy clothes when you can make your own fabulous clothes with your artwork on them! Over the years, I've painted, printed, and doodled all over store-bought clothes (and aprons)! I currently have several purses sitting around my studio that I bought with the intention of painting them, but never got around to. Looks like it's time to do it! Thanks for stopping by! Read more →

If you're like me, you have more ideas than time to get them all done! Today I thought I'd share a few projects that are on creative to-do list: A student of mine kindly gifted me a "Sew Together" bag. It has three zipper pockets within a larger bag. (This is not a photo of my bag because I'm lazy. But this is what it looks like, but with different fabric.) image source The "Sew Together" bag is an internet phenomenon and now that I own one, I know why. It holds sooooo much and is super duper useful. At... Read more →

Recently I spent a weekend obsessively making myself shirts. I used the Bondi Top pattern from Sew to Grow. Each version features different adjustments: longer length, longer sleeve, pockets, and so on. I've really been enjoying wearing them around. This was the first one I made: I used a commercial fabric for the body and then used a fabric I printed for the sleeves. This is just the second garment I've ever made! (You may remember that I blogged about my first here.) For the second version, I wanted to make the shirt longer and 100% from my own fabric.... Read more →

One of the most common questions I get asked is, "Where do you find inspiration?" I've given a lot of different answers because I've drawn inspiration from a vast number of places over the years. But I realize now that the fact of the matter is: I'm inspired by living my life. Huh? I think artistic inspiration has to be part of who you are; the things you like already. For instance, I like looking at fashion pictures. Therefore I find lots of the patterns and colors and textures in fashion exciting and interesting and inspiring. Someone else might have... Read more →

I don't know how I missed sharing this here on the blog, but I carved a big beautiful new floral stamp in January! In the photo above you can see: my pencil sketch on the right the stamp on the left the first print in the upper right corner It was 100% inspired by a stamp I made during a printmaking class in 2016: I wanted something with a similar feel, but slightly more substantial feeling. The carving process was an act of patience. And once it was carved, I stamped it on everything! In my art journal: On deli... Read more →

The weather is getting cool and that means boots, baby! I love boots, but summer is just too hot for them. The colder weather is a welcome opportunity to break out my boot collection. (After all, they're the best way to camoflauge the fact that I have no ankle. I'm a cankle girl!) As a side note, I have extremely wide feet and large calves. I always have trouble buying boots. However, all of these boots are from Lane Bryant. I ordered them online and I'm very happy with them! The fit is great! I even have room in most... Read more →