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Your Creativity Coach: How to Get the Most Out of an Art Class

I put together a video that I thought you might enjoy. I'm going to share the strategies I use as a student in order to get the most out of an art class -- whether it's online or in-person. Whether it's live or pre-recorded. Whether it's one session or many. This video is part of my "Your Creativity Coach" series. If you're interested in group coaching with me, join my Super Learner Group. The main takeaways from the video are: There are three stages of taking an art class: prep, the in-class experience, and follow-up. Most people skip the first... Read more →

Today I'm back with another Creativity Coach video! Today's topic is organization. The key, I think, is developing an easy personalized system. Watch the video for more: If you've never looked at the personal coaching page on my website, I hope you'll check it out. Whether you're looking to start teaching online or discover your personal artistic style, there's a lot that working one-on-one with a personal coach can do to fast forward the process. Thanks for stopping by! Read more →

As you most likely know, I am a huge advocate of making art every day. It doesn't have to be a big time commitment, but it makes a big difference. Here's a quick video about that philosophy: And here is the video I referenced in my "creativity chat" -- enjoy: Finally, here is a peek at the apron I'm wearing in the video. I made it using a combination of heat transfer vinyl, gelatin printed fabric (with fusible), and a commercial print I stitched on to create a pocket. Thanks for stopping by! Read more →

I thought you might enjoy this talk I found on YouTube: For quick reference, the 7 habits he lists in the video are: Daily Work Volume not Perfection Steal Conscious Learning Rest Get Feedback Create What You Love The talk is worth watching. His examples are helpful and motivating. Enjoy! --- P.S. I put 14 brand new Hand Painted Paper Packs in my shop. Get 'em while you can! Read more →

I know you've heard it a million times, but it's so vital to take care of yourself. Especially in these socially isolated times. A self-care routine is integral to mental well being. I wholeheartedly believe that acts of creativity are self-care. In this video I share 3 tips for protecting your creative self-care routine. Remember, it's your time, money, and space. So take care of yourself and get out there and make something! Read more →

Last week I posted this image on instagram... ...with the following caption: The number one thing I hear from my students is, "Oh, I'm not creative." These are people who make art and love to make art. Everyone is creative. Don't ever forget it. I think what these people lack isn't creativity, it's confidence. Agree or disagree? The responses I got were wonderful. Here are just a few (you can read them all on the post): Absolutely! I think so many people confuse creativity with the end product. If I don’t create a Picasso or a Rembrandt, I’m not creative.... Read more →