> Project Fifty-Two


Project Title: Project Fifty-Two

Project Time Line: January 2009 - December 2009

Project Participants: Anyone who wants to join in!

Project Concept: The idea is to get a year of your life recorded in some way. Every week for one year, participants will create something inspired by an event, a thought, or an emotion from that week.

Project Creations: Since I dabble in lots of different things, I wanted to make sure that other people who dabble could participate. So, what you create doesn't have to be consistent. You can create an art journal page one week and a quilt the next. Or you could stay consistent and make fifty-two scrapbook layouts.

Here's a list of some things I thought people could create:

* a photograph
* a poem
* a scrapbook page
* a mini album
* an art journal page
* a quilt
* an altered object
* a painting
* a piece of jewelry
* an Artist Trading Card (ATC)
* an article of clothing
* a card
* a doll
* an embroidered project
* a tag
* the possibilities are endless!

However, to keep it all in one place, I am planning to create an album. Flat paper projects will go into the album (probably a D-Ring so that I can create paper projects in all sizes) and photographs of 3-D or larger projects will go into the album. That way, at the end of the year, I'll have it all in one place, in some sense.

Project Note: I don't want this to be a burden to anyone (especially myself) so it's all very loose and easy going. No prizes, no pressure, just sharing. Essentially, this is a project that I am planning on doing myself and if anyone wants to play along, rock on!

There is a flickr group if you'd like to share your projects.

ETA: There is no pressure here. If you miss a week, who cares? Scribble a note that says, "Too busy this week." That is definitely a brief documentation of that week in your life.